How to get Mandrake in Hades 2

How to get Mandrake in Hades 2
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✓ At a glance
  • Mandrake is grown from Mandrake Seeds found in the Rift of Thessaly biome on the surface.
  • Plant the seeds in the soil plots in the Crossroads to get Mandrake Roots.
  • They are used to upgrade the Origination Arcana Card,  Silver Spade, Surge of Fresh Air, and Circles of Protection.

You’ll need Mandrake to unlock several late-game incantations in Hades 2. These will buff up Melinoe’s combat chops and open up new areas at the Crossroads for you to explore between runs. Here’s what you need to know about finding seeds, how to plant them, and what their roots are used for.

Hades 2 Mandrake: A player checks out their inventory, highlighting Mandrake seeds. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Here’s what these seeds look like in your inventory. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Where to find Mandrake

You can get Mandrake seeds at dig spots in the Rift of Thessaly biome on the surface. You’ll need to craft the with the Silver Spade before you can dig. You can craft the Silver Spade with 10 Silver, mined from the underworld once you have the Crescent Pick. Note that dig spots are random and don’t necessarily have Mandrake seeds, though you can increase the spawn rate by equipping the Silver Spade before a run. Mystery Seeds found in rare digging spots can also turn into these seeds. 

To plant Mandrake seeds, you need the Flourishing Soil incantation (x1 Moly from Erebus) to unlock two soil plots near Odysseus. Increase this to four plots with the Rich Soil Incantation (x3 Lotus from Oceanus region). They take 17 encounters to form so go on another run or spend time with an NPC at the Hot Springs to pass the time.

At first, you won’t be able to pass the seal on the stairway to the surface next to the underworld entrance. This is dispelled with the Permeation of Witching-Wards incantation at Hecate’s cauldron. It needs reagents like x1 Cinder (from defeating Hecate), x1 Shadow, and x3 Moly which is found in Erebus. Shadow is crafted after Hecate offers you the Shadow Extraction recipe. It costs x30 Ashes, x30 Psyche, and 3 Fate Fabric.

Hades 2 Mandrake: A player checks out the Surge of Fresh Air incantation. Image captured by VideoGamer.
The Surge of Fresh Air incantation improves your accesss to Hermes. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to use Mandrake in Hades 2

As a mid-game to end game crafting item, the plant unlocks incantations and powerful upgrades. Getting Warding Circles and Shrines to Hermes help your odds against the bosses in Hades 2. You can also sell them at the Wretched Broker for x12 Bones each. These can be used at the same shop for Nectar, Bath Salts, and other resources. Here are the upgrades that require these roots:

Origination Arcana Card upgradeBoost damage to enemies with at least two curses by 25%, 38%, and 50%.x5 Moon Dust, x3 Mandrake Root
Silver Spade Rank II upgradeGet a chance of getting more seeds from dig spots.x1 Bronze, x2 Mandrake Root
Surge of Fresh Air incantationCreates a Shrine of Hermes store between regions on the surface.x2 Fate Fabric, x2 Garlic, x2 Mandrake Root
Circles of Protection incantationUnlocks Warding Circles throughout the region of Erebus. Touch them to repel enemies and their attacks for 5 seconds.x1 Moly, x1 Lotus, x1 Mandrake Root
A table with all the upgrades that require Mandrake in Hades 2.