Hades 2 cheats and console commands

Hades 2 cheats and console commands
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  • Hades 2 currently has no native, official cheats or console commands.
  • There are third-party cheat trainers available.
  • Early mods are starting to pop up as well.

Hades 2 is a tough old game, devilishly challenging by its very rogue-like nature. While much of Supergiant Games’ carefully crafted sequel is all about striving for perfection through repetition, a cheat or two can help tone down the difficulty of Melinoe’s mammoth task of taking down Chronos, the god of time himself.

After a combined 30 hours of playing for our Hades 2 Early Access review, we’ll walk you through everything we know about cheats and console commands for the game. It’s not all great news, but our beginner’s tips and tricks guide is stacked with pointers to help you make meaningful progress.

Does Hades 2 have cheats and console commands?

No, Hades 2 currently has no native, official cheats or console commands. This is in keeping with the first Hades game, which didn’t have built-in cheat functionality either. The game does, however, have an option in the settings menu dubbed God Mode that effectively scales down the difficulty for a much more forgiving experience. Specifically, Melinoe is equipped with a Boon called Deus Ex Machina, that gives 20% damage resistance, and 2% more for every death. It’s not quite on par with customisable cheats, but it’s as good as it gets for official support. To activate God Mode, go to options, then gameplay, and toggle on the first option in the list.

Hades 2 cheats: Hades 2 in-game options menu detailing various gameplay settings, including God Mode.
Not quite a cheat, but God Mode makes Hades 2 a whole lot easier. Captured by VideoGamer.

If you’re looking for third-party alternatives, you’ll have to look to custom-made trainers. The best one we’ve found so far is the WeMod trainer for the Steam version of Hades 2. It’s fairly basic in its current form, but lets you make Melinoe unhittable, toggle one-hit kills, assign a set damage multiplier, and adjust the movement speed multiplier to your liking. As with all trainers, caution is advised. WeMod is safe but this isn’t an officially-backed option so there’s the potential for crashes and unforeseen consequences like botched saves.

Over on NexusMods, we’re already seeing the first wave of mods pop up that offer cheat-like tweaks to Hades 2. There’s a mod that makes every Boon epic rarity or higher, another that makes all weapon unlocks and weapon upgrades free, and one that reduces the cost of Arcana Cards to nothing. Expect plenty more to pop up as Hades 2 evolves through Early Access.