Fortnite Tracker: How to to check your KD ratio, wins, and other stats

Fortnite Tracker: How to to check your KD ratio, wins, and other stats
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Fortnite Tracker is a useful tool that can be used to track many interesting stats. Since the battle royale game has been out for six years, many players would love to see how many wins and eliminations they’ve had in total. Fortunately, this Fortnite tracking tool makes that possible.

Besides stats, the tracker includes leaderboards and rankings for various categories. Additionally, it is possible to filter stats by game mode (solo, duos, trios, squads) and by platform (PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, mobile phone).

This guide will explain how you can use the Fortnite stats tracker to reveal interesting details about your account.

What’s the best Fortnite tracker?

The best Fortnite stat tracker is certainly It’s very simple to use and to check your stats, all you need to do is enter your Epic Games username. You can use the tool to check your current season progress, but also stats from previous seasons and lifetime stats.

The website also allows you to check player stats from others, including top-tier Fortnite Battle Royale content creators like Ninja and SypherPK. You may also check stats of your current opponents. However, it’s important to note that your profile needs to be eligible for global leaderboards to appear on Fortnite Tracker. You can change this in gameplay privacy settings in the video game.

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Here are some Fortnite statistics you can check on the tracker:

  • Earnings
  • Current season stats
  • Lifetime stats
  • Win rate
  • Average score
  • KD ratio
  • Wins
  • Eliminations

The database includes millions of Fortnite players from all around the world and even has real-time stats. Besides tracking, the website shows the Item Shop, has the latest Fortnite challenges, and even features a looking-for-player system.

The most popular battle royale game has a couple of other trackers, including These websites have a lot of other information, such as in-game weapons, Creative mode stats, and game highlights. However, when it comes to stats and history, has the most information.

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Fortnite Tracker – FAQ

What can I use Fortnite Tracker for?

You can use Fortnite Tracker to check all of your detailed stats, including eliminations, wins, and KD ratio. On top of that, you can also check other players’ stats and compare yourself to them.

How can I check how many victories in Fortnite I have?

To check how many Fortnite victories you have, go to the Tracker website and type in your Epic Games username. After that, make sure that the tracker is showing the data for all seasons, so you can see how many wins you have in total.

Why can’t I see my stats on the tracker?

To see your stats on the Fortnite Tracker website, you need to make your profile public. If your profile is private, the tracker won’t be able to retrieve the data regarding your in-game performance. To make your Fortnite profile public, open in-game settings and go to the last tab.

Can I hide my Fortnite stats from other players?

You can easily hide your Fortnite stats from other players. To do this, simply go to your Account settings in the game and set your profile to private. Once you do this, no one will be able to see your eliminations, wins, and other stats.