FIFA 23 Best Formations in Career Mode

FIFA 23 Best Formations in Career Mode
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 Setting up a team is one of the exciting things in FIFA 23. Depending on the team’s structure, You can exploit numerous tactical advantages against your opponent. Specific teams are ideal for different purposes.

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Some formations have different pros and cons that you have to watch out for. In this article, we will provide a short overview of some of the most meta formations in FIFA 23 and their drawbacks and strengths.

FIFA 23 Best Formations in Career Mode: 5-2-3

The five-two-three formation is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most famous formations. The formation is not popular amongst average teams because of the technical flexibility required from players in different positions. The play is designed to remove play from central areas and cause overloads on the wings.

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In an attacking formation, there will be many 3 v 2’s scenarios on the wings in attacking situations.


  • The formation is difficult to penetrate and is less susceptible to counters.


  • Need for very technical and athletic fullbacks.
  • Exceptional midfielders are needed to deal with central overloads.

FIFA 23 Best Formations in Career Mode: 4-2-3-1 

The 4231 is a balanced formation that is popular with many solid coaches like Jose Mourinho, who emphasize defensive solidity and providing numbers in attack when it is safe.

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  • It is easy to defend in this formation with ample numbers in defense
  • Fatigue is usually spread evenly across the players
  • A technical team is not required.


  • The creative roles are fundamentally assigned to a single player.

FIFA 23 Best Formations in Career Mode: 3-5-2

If you love possession-based football and want to knock your players right out of the park, play the 3-5-2. This formation will almost always give you the superiority of numbers in your midfield. With one of the strikers set as a target man and the other one instructed to run in behind, you’ll have too many details all over the place your opponent must track. 


  • Overload in attack
  • Enough numbers on defense


  • Wingbacks burn out quickly.
  • Easy to get caught out with a quick transition.
  • Slow build-up play.