FIFA 23: How to Get Icons

FIFA 23: How to Get Icons
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FIFA icons are spectacular players you can add to your team when playing FUT Mode on FIFA 23. FIFA Icons are legendary players known for outstanding feats or unique play styles before retiring. 

Although their stats may be exaggerated in some aspects, they make for exciting gameplay and depict the players in the larger-than-life image they projected into fans’ minds during their playing careers.

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There are two types of icon cards in FIFA 23; Loan Icons and Permanent Icons. Loan icons have a blue badge on the bottom of the card that details how many games you can use a card for.

The number on the card diminishes with each use in a contract match, but you can use loan icons endlessly in matches that do not expire contracts like friendlies.

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 Getting an icon card is relatively rare, but there are a few ways to get one in FUT 23.

FIFA 23 How to Get Icons: Opening Packs 

In FIFA 23, you can get players by opening FIFA Packs. Usually, you get good players from opening packs, but in rare occurrences, you can get an icon from a FIFA pack.

The chances of pulling an icon from opening a pack are less than one percent. So while it is possible, it is not an effective gamble to take on if you want to farm icons.

FIFA 23 How to Get Icons: Transfer Market

The transfer market is a great way to trade icons. To buy icons from the transfer market, you will bid against other players with FIFA coins to get an icon that you admire. Unlike other modes, you can get the FIFA Icon you want for a price you accept.

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Getting Icons in the market is pricey, though. An icon can cost upwards of 70,000 and as much as 2,500,000 in some cases.

FIFA 23 How to Get Icons: Completing Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

You can get a specific icon by solving squad-building challenges within a limited period. These challenges are usually tough, and to realistically stand a chance to win them, you may need to spend a bit. In FIFA ultimate team, there are two FUT challenges that can earn you an Icon.

Icon SBCs

These are straightforward activities that you must complete to be rewarded an Icon. These challenges usually last a month, and they are not repeatable. They are also likely to set you back more than a few FIFA points, but thankfully you have a month which will give you enough time to pool your resources together.

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Icon Swaps

In FIFA 23, players can collect Swap Tokens by completing objectives. When you have amassed enough tokens for an Icon swap SBC, you can swap your tokens for an Iconic player.

FIFA 23 How to Get Icons: Completing Objectives

Sometimes, there are available objectives in the objectives tab that can get you an icon. Although you will get a loan icon in most cases, it is still worth watching out for, especially so you can try before you buy at the very least.