FIFA 23 how to score goals

FIFA 23 how to score goals
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FIFA 23 is here – and currently being enjoyed by many.

We’ve given you a load of tips about how to defend in FIFA 23, but how about scoring goals?

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Don’t sweat, help is on hand in the form of FIFA expert and EA Game Changer Neal Guides – who has had plenty of hands-on time with FIFA 23 ahead of its full launch on September 30.

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How to score goals in FIFA 23

Here, Neal breaks down two of the biggest weapons in your armory – the open-up fake shot, and the outside of the foot pass/shot.

Open Up Fake Shot

One of the most effective and versatile skill moves in FIFA 23 is the new Jog Open Up Fake Shot.
The skill move is really my go to, for a number of reasons, firstly being that it is a 1* Skill Move so every player can perform it but also it’s the way the animation is.

It’s essentially a fake shot, when activated, your body moves along with the ball in a fluid motion, you can also exit two the players left or right.

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It is quite effective inside the box and down the wing, as the animation, initially starts a little slow, and then rapidly increases to give your player a small speed boost.

You can do the Jog Open Up Fake Shot by press L1 + Fake Shot + Flick LS to exit [PS] or
LB + Fake Shot + Flick LS to Exit [XBOX].

Neal’s Top Tip

When using the Jog Open Up Fake Shot, you can exit to the players left or right, the key here is to flick the Left Analog Stick (LS) relative to the direction the player is facing in the game.

If you are shooting from left to right, to exit to the players “right” you will have to flick the LS downwards. You can also do this skill move while standing still.

Outside the Foot Pass/Shot
Outside the foot pass/shot is a very effective mechanic that has been added into FIFA 23, you could also do this in FIFA 22, but it was rather random, however you can now essentially force your player to make an outside the foot pass, lob or through-ball. This is quite simple execute as you press L2 + Pass [PS] or LT + Pass [XBOX].

You can also request an Outside the Foot Shot by pressing L2 + Circle [PS] or LT + B [XBOX].
The unfortunate part of this, although its quite effective when executed perfectly, the game appears to use the L2/LT button for also flair passes, so sometimes the game may do a “fancy pass or shot”.

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To prevent this from happening, when making a pass for example, apply a lot more power than the pass actually requires, this essentially lets the game know that you are requesting a Out the Foot Pass as opposed to a fancy pass.

Neal’s Top Tip

This pass appears to be very effective when trying to play through ball or distances passes. Many fullbacks have weaker foot in FIFA, which sometimes can result in pass going astray, however, if you can use the Outside the Foot Pass, you can essentially allow a player to make the pass on their stronger foot.

This appears to be prominent among the Elite players, as it appears more curve is applied outside the foot pass as opposed to a regular pass, due to the nature of the pass itself.

Currently some of the professional players are using this outside the box to score a trivela goal, which when timed with a green time shot, appears to be very effective method for scoring goals.

Don’t forget, the FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App are both live which can help give you a head start. For more tips make sure to follow Neal Guides on Twitter and Instagram.