FC 24 – How to elastico

FC 24 – How to elastico
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Want to learn how to elastico in FC 24? Don’t worry, we have you covered. The buzz is building and expectations are rising as the release of FC 24 has finally arrived. Signalling the start of a new era, FC 24 will wave goodbye to the FIFA name and introduce a whole new era for sports gaming. 

Plenty of fans are already enjoying the game through FC 24 early access. This is predominantly FC 24 Ultimate Team players as the early access rewards were heavily targeted towards them. Skill moves are most prevalent in online modes too.

With that in mind, we want to take you through the basics and tell you how to elastico in FC 24. 

How to elastico in FC 24

The elastico is a commonly used skill move that sees a player quickly shift the ball from the inside of the boot to the outside. This skill is most effective when running at pace and attempting to get past a jockeying defender. 

In FC 24, there are multiple types of elastico that you can perform, all of which will have a real benefit if you’re able to pull them off correctly. 

Regular Elastico

  • Rotate Right Stick from Right to Left (clockwise) (Xbox and PlayStation)

Reverse Elastico

  • Rotate Right Stick from Left to Right (anti-clockwise) (Xbox and PlayStation)

In Air Elastico

  • Flick Right Stick Right then Left (Xbox and PlayStation)

Reverse In Air Elastico

  •  Flick Right Stick Left and then Right (Xbox and PlayStation)

A triple elastico can also be performed by moving the right stick quarter of the way from the bottom left to the bottom right, before quickly following the right stick have way from bottom right to left – confusing, we know!

The best way to master these skills is to practice in the arena. Here you can get a much better feel as to how these skill moves will work in an in-game scenario.