Fable release window confirmed with new gameplay trailer

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  • Microsoft has confirmed the Fable release window for 2025. No release date is set, but now we know it will come out next year.

It has been several years since the last Fable game, and a few years since we’ve seen anything about the next one. At long last, Microsoft and Playground have announced a Fable release window, locking it in for 2025. While no date has been set, we got our first look at “in-game” footage during the Xbox Live Showcase event. 13 years since the last entry in the iconic RPG series, we’re finally heading back to Albion to be the greatest – or worst – hero in all the lands.

fable release window - a woman walks through a forest with a city in the distance
Albion has never looked so beautiful. Image via Playground Games

When is the Fable release window?

The Fable release window is set for 2025. This launch window was set during the Xbox Live Showcase, complete with a trailer showing off the gameplay and some key characters. The trailer, which features the voice of Peep Show’s Super Hans, has shown off stunning visuals, the beautiful fairytale land of Albion, and a brief glimpse at combat.

fable release window - a woman with a sword drawn walks towards a large frog in the forest
Every hero must face down a giant frog at some point. Image via Playground Games

Fable gameplay details

Now we’ve seen a sliver of gameplay, we know that we will play as a Hero in the land of Albion. This is the setup Fable has used since the first game, but we don’t know at which point in time this game will take place, or if it will have any links to the previous games. This is not Fable by Lionhead Studios, instead, it is being developed by Playground Games, so it is something of a reboot for the series.

The previous Fable games are designed around third-person action and a morality system. The more good you do, the more you are aligned and the same goes for being evil. While morality isn’t shown in the trailer in any capacity, the combat certainly is. We will have access to a sword, a bow, and magic which calls back to the gear available in the very first game. We can probably expect more weapons and tons of customisation.

Fable platforms

While the release date still appears to be some ways away, luckily we do know what platforms Fable will be releasing on once it’s finally here. Like previous titles in the Fable series, the game will come to the Xbox family of consoles, with a release on Xbox Series X/S, as well as getting a release on PC. As with many recent major Microsoft releases, the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass, too.

Unfortunately, this does mean that if you were hoping to play the game on PS5, you’re out of luck. Throughout its history, games in the Fable franchise have never been available on PlayStation consoles, so if you want to play the latest instalment, you’ll have to make do with an Xbox or PC.

Fable trailers

After years of speculation, the upcoming Fable game was finally announced with a reveal trailer at July 2020’s Xbox Games Showcase, and described as a ‘new beginning’ for the series. This announcement trailer was fully cinematic and didn’t really tell us anything about the game, aside from that it was in development.

Our second look at Fable didn’t come until the June 2023 Xbox Games Showcase, where we received a teaser trailer. Our first trailer with in-game footage, featuring British comedian Richard Ayoade as a giant, gave us a good indication of how the game will look, as well as poking fun at how the game’s heroes are perceived in-game. We didn’t get too much in the way of actual gameplay or story, though.

A year later, we’ve now seen a new trailer debut during the Xbox Live Showcase in June 2024. This is the gameplay trailer that confirmed the release window and gave us our biggest look at the game to date. While it is still a long way off, the bits we’ve seen inspire a lot of confidence that it will be a fantastic RPG experience.

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