FC 24 Mobile – Release date, start time, download, and new features

FC 24 Mobile – Release date, start time, download, and new features
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FC 24 Mobile has arrived! The handheld version of EA FC is now available to download across the various mobile app stores. EA’s split from football’s global governing body has enforced the name change, but the game looks set to remain very similar to what we are used to.

The mobile version of the game should not be confused with the FC 24 Web & Companion App, which is specific to FC 24 Ultimate Team on consoles and PC. No, the mobile version is its own game with its own match modes and in-game content that you can enjoy on the go.

So, without further ado, find out everything you need to know about FC 24 Mobile below.

When is the FC 24 Mobile release date and start time?

FC 24 Mobile was released at 8am BST on September 26. This is in line with the release date in previous years, as well as the FC 24 release date.

FIFA Mobile has been free to play since its release. For existing players, EA SPORTS FC Mobile will be released as a free update without a need to re-download to devices.

How to download FC 24 Mobile

FC 24 Mobile can be downloaded on both Android and iOS phones via your specific app store. The download size for the app is 524.1 MB.

Click do download FC 24 Mobile for Android.

Click to download FC 24 Mobile for iOS.

FC 24 Mobile New features

There are plenty of new features in FC 24 Mobile. The new game also comes with enhanced graphics and improved gameplay this season. The latest announcement regarding EAs FC Mobile included the following new features:

  • True Player Personality: The world’s most recognizable players come to life with True Player Personality. Authentic running styles, penalty kick stances and celebrations for certain players, all bring EA SPORTS FC MOBILE to a new level of authenticity.
  • Dynamic Game Speed: Mobile-first and tactile game speed, allowing for more player personality and attribute impact on the pitch.
  • Elite Shooting System: Revamped shooting system allows impact players to show up on the scoresheet and make their mark. Feel rewarded when you make smart shooting decisions both inside and outside the box, on a cross, or off the volley. Take control of your favorite attackers and rally your team to victory.
  • Impact Controls:
    • Power Shot: Unleash a high-powered shot that leaves keepers clawing at air. Load up your shot when you’re in space to harness the full potential of Power Shot. Balance the risk and reward of the Power Shot to devastate your opponent and take the lead.
    • Knock On Dribble: Bring your pacey dribblers to top speed faster by knocking the ball ahead into space. Take advantage of your opponent’s high defensive back-line by having your rapid attackers push ahead in a fluid manner. Dribbling with true speedsters takes on a whole new feeling.
    • Hard Tackle: Make your presence felt and assert dominance in defense and midfield by launching a crunching stand tackle. Separate your opponent’s attackers from the ball or make a last-ditch block with new Hard Tackles.

FC 24 Mobile Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team exists in FIFA Mobile, but not as you know it. Mobile users have been able to train their players and increase their ratings, something similar to the new Evolution system in the full game. While it may not be training as such, certain objectives are set to allow you to upgrade specific players in your club.

Icons and FUT Heroes are also included in the Ultimate Team game mode on mobile. Just like the FC 24 Icons, we are sure to see plenty of new faces in this year’s game. As for promos, events such as Team of the Year, Team of the Season and Road to the Final exist within the mobile game. While similar to the console versions, the individual player items are not limited to 99 OVR meaning there are some ridiculously good players out there.


The biggest licence for EA across its titles last season was of course, the World Cup. The World Cup in FIFA Mobile allowed players to play a full tournament with any of the 32 qualified nations, as well as a further 15 teams that did not make it to the finals.

New custom commentary and user interface was also introduced as EA provided a complete World Cup experience. Two official stadiums were available to play in too, with the Al Bayt and Lusail stadiums added.

Sadly, the split with FIFA means that these licences are very unlikely to remain in the game. There is positive news though. EA’s continued partnership with UEFA means that the UEFA Champions League features in the game.

Along with the UCL, the European Championships are likely to be added to this year’s game. The tournament is set to take place in Germany next summer, so we will likely see plenty of new in-game content.

The regular licenses will be back too, including the Premier League, La Liga, and a whole load more. With Manchester City star Erling Haaland the face of the franchise this season, be sure to see plenty of sky blue content too.

Will EA Sports FC be on mobile?

FC 24 Mobile has now been officially released and is available to download.

Is EA Sports FC going to be free?

There is no sign that EA Sports FC will become a free game, with EA likely to adopt the same approach as their FIFA titles.