FC 24 Gullit Gang – Full player list and what does it mean

FC 24 Gullit Gang – Full player list and what does it mean
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Looking to find out who is in the FC 24 Gullit Gang? You are in the right place as we go through this year’s select list. FC 24 is taking over the mantle of the FIFA name, but many things will stay the same in the new game. That includes all your favourite game modes and references from previous years, which means the FC 24 Gullit Gang will still be a thing! 

If you’re unsure what the Gullit Gang is then don’t fret. However, it will be useful to know before the FC 24 release date comes and you jump into FC 24 Ultimate Team. Already know what it means? Then you can check out all the members in FC 24 below. 

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What does Gullit Gang mean in FC 24? 

The Gullit Gang is a term coined by the FUT community back in FIFA 14. This was because Ruud Gullit gained an item in Ultimate Team with 80+ ratings in all six of his face card stats (Pace, Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Defending, Physicality). Since then, it refers to any card released that also has 80+ in those face attributes. 

Although Gullit’s Base FC 24 Icon card doesn’t qualify for the gang anymore, it has still kept its name! There are very few to no players whose base card will be included in the gang, however, more and more have been included as promo items over the years. 

Four cards made the Gullit Gang in FUT 14, with over 200 included in FUT 23! With Ultimate Team players expecting better and better quality throughout the season, what will FUT 24 have in store? 

FC 24 Gullit Gang all cards full list

The following players will be included in the Gullit Gang: 

Nadine KesslerUCL HeroCM90
Federico ValverdeGold RareCM88
John Arne RiiseUCL HeroLB87
RamiresUCL HeroCDM87
Fridolina RolfoGold RareLB87