Dragon’s Dogma 2 Phantom Oxcart quest walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Phantom Oxcart quest walkthrough
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Have you heard the tale of the Phantom Oxcart? If not, you might want to brush up on your haunted tales of Vernworth. This creepy cart has been appearing out on the paths and running at night when carts aren’t supposed to. It is up to you to see what is going on. Here is your Dragon’s Dogma 2 Phantom Oxcart quest walkthrough.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Phantom Oxcart walkthrough

After completing the Nation of the Lambent Flame quest and getting into Battahl, head back to the West Vernworth Oxcart Station. Here, you can hear Guerrero and Dagras talking about an Oxcart that travels at night. They typically will talk about this oxcart at night so you might need to wait until nightfall to catch them speaking about it.

You will now have a quest marker appear just outside of Vernworth on the other side of the river to the northeast. Head over here at night and wait around. You’ll see an oxcart appear and a guard named Navil hand over some Pawns to a merchant named Mansenn.

Dragons-dogma-2-Phanton-Oxcart quest walkthrough: Map showing the phantom oxcart spawn location
The Phantom Oxcart appears just beyond the bridge to the northeast of Vernworth. Image captured by VideoGamer

Don’t get too close

Getting too close to the oxcart shortly after the cutscene will cause Mansenn to speed away. If this happens, he will do the same in future parts of the quest, preventing you from completing it. Remember to keep your distance and approach only after the cart has travelled a bit away from Navil.

After the cutscene, wait for Navil to be a decent distance from the cart and then chase after him. After a while, he will relent and speak with you. This interaction will get you the Merchant’s Document. During this interaction, you can also agree to accept a bribe he offers or turn him in. Either option will have the same outcome minus a few gold coins. We recommend taking the bribe as this will get you some extra gold and won’t affect the quest outcome.

Dragon's Dogma 2 phantom oxcart quest walkthrough: Savil offering the player a bribe after being caught
Savil will offer you a bribe after catching up with him. Image captured by VideoGamer

With the document in hand, meet up with Captain Brant at the Stardrop Inn. He will give you the solution of disguising yourself as a Pawn so you can board the cart without getting spotted. To disguise yourself, you will need to unequip all of your gear including all rings, weapons, armour, and your cape/shawl. Head back to where the cart appears the following night and wait around dressed as a Pawn.

Dragon's Dogma 2 phantom oxcart walkthrough: Player inventory screen with armor removal submenu
Remove all of your gear including your rings to take up the disguise of a pawn. Image captured by VideoGamer

When the cart arrives, Mansenn will order you into the back of the cart. You can then ride it to your destination. Keep in mind that there will be some Goblins that attack during the ride and you won’t have weapons to defend yourself from the monsters and will have to rely on your fists. You will also make a brief stop at the Checkpoint Rest Town where the guards will rough up the Pawns a bit.

Dragon's Dogma 2 phantom oxcart quest walkthrough: Pawns being ushered to the Spellseal door in Battahl
The Pawns are being used to open the SpellSeal Door in Battahl. Image captured by VideoGamer

You will eventually reach the end of the line which is a large stone door. This is the Flamebearer Palace Spellseal Door. At this point, the guards will know you aren’t a Pawn and will attack on sight. Re-equip all of your gear and take out the guards. Don’t use a Wakestone to revive them or they will attack you again. With them defeated, pick up the Labor Requisition Orders and bring them to Captain Brant. This will complete the quest.

Why is the oxcart not moving in the Phantom Oxcart quest?

The oxcart is very finicky. If you are spotted as the Arisen (wearing any gear) then the cart-driver will not move and will instead wait for you to disappear. You need to sneak up behind the cart without being spotted at all to have it move without getting into your Pawn disguise. We recommend mimicking the look of a Pawn to progress the quest because it is far more difficult if you don’t.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Phantom Oxcart – FAQ

Should you accept Navil’s bribe in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

We accepted Navil’s bribe because either option gets you the documents needed to complete the quest.

Do you need to be disguised to follow the Phantom Oxcart?

No. You can simply follow behind the cart but if you are spotted the driver will run away.