Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mercy Among Thieves quest walkthrough

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mercy Among Thieves quest walkthrough
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If you don’t interact with every NPC in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you are bound to miss quite a few side quests. For instance, if you interact with Toumi and then talk to Lyssandro, you can unlock the Mercy Among Thieves quest that involves you tracking down some bandits called the Coral Snakes. Make sure you interact with these NPCs so you don’t miss out on this riveting questline.

How to complete the Mercy Among Thieves quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Before you can start this quest, you first need to interact with Toumi on the Battahl side of the Checkpoint Rest Town. If you have not managed to get into Battahl yet, you may need to sneak in. You will naturally get into the region during the Nation of the Lambent Flame quest.

Toumi can be found near a tent down the hill from the inn. This child is in desperate need of some food and will ask you for some when approached. You can give him any type of food as long as it is not rotten. We handed over some Harspud and it worked fine.

After giving Toumi food, Hugo will walk up to you. After a small misunderstanding, he will leave and you will be free to roam around. You will now need to speak to Lyssandro. Just like Toumi, he can be found on the Battahl side of Checkpoint Rest Town. He stands next to the oxcart stall.

Lyssandro will ask you to track down the Coral Snakes’ Hideout – a group of bandits that have been terrorizing the roads lately. You will need to speak to the NPCs to get knowledge of where the hideout is. Up the path near the gate to the Checkpoint Rest Town, Tobias and Saverio will be talking about the bandits but other NPCs will give you knowledge as well. Speak with different NPCs until you get an idea of where to go.

You will be led south of the Checkpoint Rest Town and through the area called Enoa Battahl Forest. Along this path, you will have a run-in with an NPC named Hayne – someone injured by the Coral Snakes in the latest oxcart raid.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Mercy Among Thieves: Player speaking to injured man named Hayne on dirt road
Hayne will point you further south to where the oxcart raid happened. Image captured by VideoGamer

Hayne will point you further south. Continue along the main road and you will eventually come across the latest oxcart raid. Once you reach this location, you will get a brief cutscene showing Hugo running away from the scene of the crime. Give chase to him. You will also be shown the location of the Coral Snakes’ hideout on the map.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Mercy Among Thieves: map showing the location of the Coral Snakes' hideout
You can easily find the Coral Snakes’ hideout by following the path to the south of Checkpoint Rest Town. Image captured by VideoGamer

Hugo will lead you directly to the hideout. Once inside, he will start calling for help from Lanzo and the other Coral Snakes. Continue through the hideout, chasing Hugo in the process. You will have to deal with multiple fights in this area so keep your guard up.

A well-rounded team

We recommend having a well-rounded team of Pawns. Specifically, we suggest having at least one healer as well because there are many enemies you will fight throughout the hideout and you don’t want to waste all of your healing potions.

When you get further into the hideout, you will receive help from NPCs who came down from the Checkpoint Rest Town. Continue following Hugo through the hideout and he will attempt to escape via a ladder with Lanzo. Lanzo will ultimately betray him, leading to Hugo being captured and thrown in the jail at Bakbattahl. You can pick up the Mercy Among Thieves questline later on during the Pilfered Path quest. Until then, you can rest easy knowing that nobody else will be harmed by the Coral Snakes.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Mercy Among Thieves – FAQ

Where is Toumi in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Toumi can be found on the Battahl side of Checkpoint Rest Town. He stands next to a tent near the inn.

Where is the Coral Snakes’ Hideout in Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The Coral Snakes’ Hideout is south of the Checkpoint Rest Town near the Sealed Mineshaft entrance.