Diablo 4 Vampiric Pact Armor Explained and How to get Pacts

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Want to learn about vampiric pact armor in Diablo 4? With Season of Blood inching closer, players are excited to return to Sanctuary and try out their new vampiric powers. 

While the blood of Lilith protects you from becoming a servant of the vampire lord Zir, you still need to get more powerful before taking him on. That’s where vampiric pacts in new armor come in. This ties into Diablo 4 Potent Blood too. If you need to know more about what Vampiric Pact Armor is and how to get pacts in Season 2, look no further.

What is vampiric pact armor in Diablo 4?

Armor with vampiric pacts lets you use vampiric powers in Diablo 4 Season 2. There are three types of pacts: Ferocity, Divinity, and Eternity. Chest armor, pants, gloves, boots, and helms can have Pacts of varying values and combinations. These include unique and legendary gear. You’ll need the appropriate number of vampiric pacts to enable vampiric powers. Note that each gear has a limited number of Pacts it can hold. This is tied to the Diablo 4 World Tier difficulty system:

  • World Tiers 1 and 2: Max pacts of 3 per item
  • World Tier 3: Max pacts of 4 per item
  • World Tier 3: Max pacts of 5 per item

For example, if you get a pair of Boots with 2 Ferocity and then activate a vampiric power that needs 1 Ferocity, you will have 1 more left for other powers. Collecting the right armor can let you harness even more exotic vampiric powers. These are accessed from the vampiric powers tab, new in Season of Blood. If you don’t get the pairing right, don’t worry. Blizzard has a fix for that too.

Diablo 4 Vampiric pact armour: An image of a player checking their vampiric powers in the character tab.

How to customize vampiric pact armor in Diablo 4

Pact Armour and their vampiric pacts can be modified with the following:

  • Standalone pacts – These can be added to armor to increase the pact level of any type.
  • Cleansing acids – These items are used to remove pacts from an item, letting you add standalone pacts to them.

These items are obtained by slaying Blood Seekers, monsters that roam around during the Blood Harvest season event, the Alchemist can also craft standalone pacts for you. You can also access them in the Diablo 4 Season Journey and the new seasonal questline alongside Diablo 4 Erys. Stating it involves heading to Ked Bardu and speaking to the NPC Oren for the Blood Money quest. Opulent Coffins also have a chance of dropping vampiric pacts as rewards.

That covers vampiric pact armor in Diablo 4. The vampiric curse bestowns you with both minor and major vampiric powers. Understandably, the latter will require more pacts in armor to activate them. Powers range from Sanguine Brace (When you kill an enemy, Fortify for 6% of your Base Life) to Resilience (1% damage reduction for every 2% missing life). Powerful ones like Moonrise can even cost six Pacts. These come close to some of the best stats we’ve seen in the game so far. They affect everything from physical damage to base life and lucky hit modifiers.

Note that these only apply to the brand-new Seasonal Realm. And no, that doesn’t include the Season of the Malignant.

Like Season 1

The Vampiric Pact Armor and Vampiric Powers take the place of the Malignant Heart Powers from the Season 1. Like the Malignant Heart Powers, Vampiric Powers will no longer be available when Season 2 comes to a close.

You can still find waypoints and discover altars of Lilith if you haven’t done so. We had a lot to say in our Diablo 4 review and Season of Blood builds on the base game’s strong foundation. The second season is in full swing, so it’s a great time to get started if you haven’t already dove in.

Diablo 4 Vampire Pact armor FAQs

How do you get pacts in Diablo 4?

You can get pacts by slaying Bloodseakers found around Sanctuary during the Season of Blood, particularly in Blood Harvest zones. The Alchemist can also craft pacts for you, and they are sometimes a reward for quests.

What is Vampiric Pact armor used for?

Imbuing armor with pacts allows players to access specific Vampiric Powers, that are only available in Season 2.

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