Diablo 4 high resolution assets – should you download?

Diablo 4 high resolution assets – should you download?
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Diablo 4 high resolution assets are a big ask, adding a whopping 45GB of additional download size to your game. Those wanting to play the game as soon as it’s live might be considering foregoing them for now, but many will be interested in how to download and install them.

The assets are automatically downloaded, though you have the option to skip the download, though one of the most important questions is whether or not they’re worth downloading. We’re going to answer everything you might want to know about Diablo 4’s high resolution assets here.

Should you download Diablo 4 high resolution assets?

While many are under the impression that only those playing on 4K monitors will need to download the high resolution assets, this is actually not true. Anyone looking to experience a high fidelity gaming experience should definitely free up enough space to make room for the HD graphics assets, as they will exponentially improve your experience with the game.

It’s actually a very nice tough from Blizzard to include the option, as while many will be looking for an immersive experience pushing their gaming PC to the limits, many are also going to trying to enjoy the game from Mac, the ASUS ROG Ally, or even the Steam Deck.

While you can get one of the best CPUs or GPUs for Diablo 4, it’s not actually that hard of a game to run. However – with the Diablo 4 high resolution assets, you’re going to need to make sure you’re using a graphics card with sufficient VRAM. We’d recommend a graphics card with at least 16GB VRAM for this, which not many people out there have.

One particular Reddit thread discusses the High Resolution Assets in Diablo 4, claiming that there is not reason to install these textures unless you have a 4K gaming rig, though this hasn’t been well received by the community.

However one comment provides some really useful insight on whether you should use them: “Quite a few didn’t download them for Server Slam, and had massive issues with stuttering and delay when opening menus etc, as soon as they downloaded the the HD textures, issue went away. So if you have the quota, best to just download them!”

That should answer whether you should download Diablo 4’s high resolution assets.