Dead Island 2 Skope server offline fix – how to use Skope

Dead Island 2 Skope server offline fix – how to use Skope
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The Dead Island 2 Skope server offline mystery becomes apparent almost as soon as you make it to Bel Air in this over-the-top zombie apocalypse, with the first Skope device sat atop some shelves in Colt Swanson’s living room. You can’t interact with it though, as it just says server offline – to be expected in an apocalypse, really.

So how do you turn the server on and activate the Skope devices in Dead Island 2? Well, it should come as no surprise that much like Dead Island 2 fuses and knowing how to open maglocks, the answer comes a little further into the game. Here’s the lowdown on the Dead Island 2 Skope issue, but be warned – very minor spoilers follow.

Dead Island 2 Skope: The Skope device on the side of Emma Jaunt's house.

How to fix the Dead Island 2 Skope server offline error

To interact with the Skope devices in Dead Island 2, you need to simply continue playing the story until you complete the mission titled The Search For Truth. Eventually, the mystery surrounding the Skope devices will be revealed, the server will come back online, and you’ll be able to backtrack through all of Hell-A, activating them one after another.

What actually are the Skope devices? Well, as you’ll learn through the story, Lola Konradt is the founder of the company behind Skope, which are akin to smart speakers in real life. During the quest The Search For Truth, which takes place in Ocean Avenue, you’ll re-activate all the Skope servers in Hell-A.

Skope devices are essentially just collectibles. Interact with one and it will give you a word, followed by its definition – or all of its definitions, in some instances. For example, the Skope speaker on the table in Emma Jaunt’s mansion defines the word cataclysm, and logs it as an audio journal. There are 17 Dead Island 2 Skopes to find throughout Hell-A in total.

Now you’re caught up with everything Skope-adjacent, you’ll be glad to know the best Dead Island 2 skills in the game, so you know which ones to equip on any character. We can also catch you up with where to find the Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Keys, because you’ll almost certainly find the car itself shortly after the first Skope device.