How to run fast in Da Hood – speed glitch

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Wondering how to run fast in Da Hood? Whether you want to close the ground between you and an opponent or get away from a sticky situation fast, knowing how to run in Da Hood is a vital skill for new and experienced players alike. 

We’ll walk you through how to run fast in Da Hood. If you’re after another way to quickly turn your fortune in the tough streets, check out our Da Hood codes guide, packed full of freebies like cash to buy better weapons and armor alongside skins to customise your character to your liking. Otherwise, check out how to stomp in Da Hood to quickly take out knocked out enemies.

How to speed glitch in Da Hood

To run fast in Da Hood, hold down the left Shift button on your keyboard and press the W, A, S, D keys depending on the direction you want to go. For controller players, hold down the thumbstick and push it forward to run. This is the basic running mechanic, but there’s a way to move even faster – the speed glitch.

For the speed glitch, you’ll want to turn off Low GFX in the settings menu. Next, you’ll need an autoclicker like OP Auto Clicker. Set the click interval to 20 milliseconds, click type to double, and set the hotkey setting to the key you want. Throw a punch then pull out your weapon when your arm extends the furthest it goes, then right click on your mouse. Finally, walk backwards and hold down you hotkey and you’ll glitch forward.

There’s also a second method, but this one involves buying the Animation Pack for 100 Robux in the Da Hood store on the Roblox platform. Relaunch Da Hood and you’ll have an Animation menu on the left of your screen. Apply the same autoclickers settings, then Click the Greet animation. When your character’s hand reaches your head, pull out your weapon, tap the right mouse button, walk backwards, and hold down your assigned hotkey to glitch forward.

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