Best MTZ Interceptor loadout, attachments and perks in MW3 and Warzone

Best MTZ Interceptor loadout, attachments and perks in MW3 and Warzone
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Let’s take a look at the best MTZ Interceptor loadout in MW3 and Warzone so you can dominate any match you jump into with it in Modern Warfare 3. Marksman Rifles, though challenging to master, are some of the most potent weapons you can use in the game due to their absurd stopping power, and the MTZ Interceptor is the perfect example of just that.

Of course, we would blame you for wanting to use classic builds that are easier to use, like the best Rival 9 loadout in MW3, the best Striker loadout in MW3, and the best BAS-B loadout in MW3. But if you want to become an expert at using these powerful guns, then keep reading to find out what our best MTZ Interceptor loadout looks like.

An image of the MTZ Interceptor in the MW3 Gunsmith. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Image taken by VideoGamer

Best MTZ Interceptor loadout and attachments in MW3

  • Barrel: MTZ Clinch Pro Barrel
  • Stock: Bruen Archangel MK2
  • Rear Grip: MTZ Aggressor Grip
  • Optic: XTEN ERX-10 Mini
  • Magazine: 20 Round Mag

Since the MTZ Interceptor is a relatively slow-firing semi-automatic weapon, you’ll need to compensate for this shortcoming with increased speed and Aim Down Sight Speed. Luckily, the MTZ Aggressor Grip and the Bruen Archangel MK2 do just that. The former boosts your Movement and Aim Walking Speed while the latter increases your ADS efficiency.

Next, the MTZ Clinch Pro Barrel heavily improves your bullet velocity and range, enabling you to grab those juicy longshot kills effortlessly. To make targeting enemies easier, you’ll need a potent Optic attachment and the XTEN ERX-10 Mini is the perfect piece for this weapon. Finally, we recommend equipping a 20-round Mag with the MTZ Interceptor, so you don’t have to keep reloading each time you get a kill.

An image of the MTZ Interceptor in action during a match in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
An image of the MTZ Interceptor in action during a match in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Best Warzone MTZ Interceptor loadout and attachments

  • Barrel: MTZ Longshot Pro Barrel
  • Muzzle: VT-7 Spiritfire Suppressor
  • Stock: MCW Blackjack
  • Optic: Ares Clear Shot
  • Magazine: 20 Round Mag

While the magazine recommendation returns in Warzone, the rest have been modified to tackle the larger arenas of Warzone maps in MW3. The 7x magnification hybrid optic is a great optic as the Ares Clear Shot can be used to snipe at distant foes. A toggle to a red-dot sight lets you tackle nearby enemies too. It can be unlocked by leveling up the SO-14 weapon to level 12.

As for the Spiritfire Suppressor, you gain a more silent profile in addition to bullet velocity and range. As for tackling recoil and gun kick, the MCW Blackjack stock is a reliable choice. The MTZ Longshot Pro Barrel is once again a long-range pick that will help you pick foes from afar in Warzone with the MTZ Interceptor.

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A precision powerhouse

The MTZ Interceptor Marksman Rifle in MW3 redefines accuracy and range, offering a deadly combination for sharpshooters. With its specialized design and enhanced optics, this rifle allows you to eliminate targets with precision from a distance, giving you a strategic advantage in the intense warfare that comes with MW3.

Best MW3 MTZ Interceptor gear and equipment

  • Vest: Gunner Vest
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade
  • Lethal: Frag Grenade
  • Field Equipment: Trophy System / Comm Scrambler
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves
  • Gear: EOD Padding

Since the MTZ Interceptor has a slow fire rate and limited magazine capacity, you’ll need to bring another quick-firing primary weapon with you, like the BAS-B or the Rival 9. Swapping one powerful gun out for another is a boon in MW3 matches, especially since Marksman Rifles often limit your ability in specific scenarios. If you prefer using boots like the Stalker Boots to enhance mobility and stealth, note that this loadout doesn’t let you use them.

Quick-Grip Gloves are the perfect complementary piece to the Gunner Vest since this item increases your weapon swap speed. Not to forget, the EOD Padding is always an essential accessory in any loadout, as it increases your survivability on the battlefield.

An image of the MTZ Interceptor as a player aims down their sights during a match in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
An image of the MTZ Interceptor as a player aims down their sights during a match in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.

As always, both Flash and Frag Grenades are must-haves when you drop into an MW3 lobby since the utility they provide is often invaluable. And to round it all off, you can equip either the Trophy System or the Comm Scrambler in your Field Equipment slot, depending on the mode you’re playing.

How to unlock MTZ Interceptor in MW3

The MTZ Interceptor can be obtained with the Armory Unlock system as soon as you reach rank 25. The attachments you will need to equip with the deadly Marksman Rifle can only be unlocked after you reach certain levels, so getting an early headstart with this weapon is helpful in multiplayer.

MTZ Interceptor Camo Challenges

Here’s a list of all the camo challenges for the MTZ Interceptor in MW3:

  • Psychedelic Loops – Achieve 50 kills.
  • Thick Brush – Get 50 headshot kills.
  • Skullish – Get 2 kills without dying 15 times.
  • Oil Slick Glitch – Achieve 10 kills with no attachments.
  • Gilded – Get 10 kills using a laser attachment.
  • Forged – Achieve 3 kills without dying 10 times.
  • Priceless – Achieve 5 kills without dying 5 times.

That covers all you need to know about the best MTZ Interceptor loadout in MW3 and Warzone. For more, check out our guides on the best KV Inhibitor loadout in MW3, the best MTZ-556 loadout in MW3, and the best MCW loadout in MW3 for a diverse choice of weapons and class setups.

Season 1 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is now live on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. So get sniping with the MTZ Interceptor.

MW3 MTZ Interceptor loadout FAQs

Is the MTZ Interceptor good in MW3?

The MTZ Interceptor is a reliable and high-damage marksman rifle in Modern Warfare 3. It is a fantastic weapon for taking down enemies quickly and efficiently.

What are the pros and cons of the MTZ Interceptor?

The high damage output, fast fire rate, and low recoil of the MTZ Interceptor are balanced by a slow reload and low magazine capacity.