Best Shotguns in Fortnite – use these shotguns to help get a victory royale!

Best Shotguns in Fortnite – use these shotguns to help get a victory royale!
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There are dozens of different ways to succeed in Fortnite. You can develop your own strategy over time, depending on your play style. Unlike other Battle Royale games, you’ll have a bit more luck because you can carry up to five items/weapons in total.

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And one of these slots should be a shotgun, which will lead you to victory in close combat. Don’t worry, we’ve listed the 7 best shotguns in Fortnite for you.

As a chapter comes to a close, it’s not entirely clear which weapons will appear in the new season.

Shotguns from previous seasons that were discontinued due to rotation might make a reappearance. Let’s talk about the weapons of this season, which will end with the Fracture event.

The following ranking is based on the official statistics of the weapons and the benefits they provide in the game.

Depending on your playstyle, this ranking may vary, but we believe it’s a good starting point for everyone.

Best Shotguns in Fortnite in 2022

Since mobility is the most important thing in Fortnite, it’s important to have weapons that will support you in different situations.

Remember to have different weapons for both long and close range in your loadout. Having only the most powerful shotgun in the game won’t do you much good when you shoot from a hill.

Having one of the following shotguns, however, can be a great advantage when the field narrows and you get close to your opponents.

After doing some damage with your automatic rifle, equip your shotgun and destroy your opponents.

Here are the best shotguns in Fortnite:

Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun, which has been around since mid-2019, is one of the most iconic shotguns from early Fortnite. You remember these times right?

When Ninja was on top of the world, world famous rappers like Drake were playing Fortnite.

Of course, we’ve great respect for this weapon, but unfortunately, it’s not such a good shotgun alternative in 2022.

Unlike other weapons of its kind, this shotgun is designed for mid-range combat and has a remarkable fire rate. Even if there’s a certain distance between you and your enemies, you can still damage them with successive shots.

However, don’t choose this weapon for close combat, because its damage is quite low compared to the other weapons on this list.

Pump Shotgun

The Pump Shotgun, one of the first weapons in Fortnite, is vaulted with Chapter 3 Season 4.

We don’t know yet if it’ll be back in the game with the new season, but it’s useful to think about this weapon that works despite not being flashy.

With a total of five rounds and a long pause between shots, it’s not exactly a player’s favorite.

But due to its high damage power, it’s still one of the better shotguns in Fortnite for close combat. Especially at the beginning of the rounds, you can aggressively enter closed spaces with this weapon.

Don’t try to use it at medium range, because then your bullets won’t even reach the opponent.

Evo Chrome Shotgun

The newest weapon on the list, the Evo Chrome Shotgun, is one of the weapons introduced with Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

It’s not surprising that it’s won the love of gamers in such a short time, because this weapon is a bit different from the others.

You can only find the Evo Chrome Shotgun in chrome chests. The more damage you deal to your enemies with it, the more the weapon evolves.

This means that you can have a great weapon at your disposal in the late game. Focus on finding this weapon at the beginning of the round and attack aggressively indoors.

Of course, you must remember that it’s a shotgun designed for close combat. The better your weapon gets, the lower the bullet dispersion rate will be, but still do not try to shoot too far.

Tactical Shotgun

As you can imagine, the Tactical Shotgun is one of the first weapons in Fortnite. It’s been used extensively over the seasons, especially by new players.

It was one of the most important choices in many close-range combat, thanks to its rapid-fire capability and responsiveness, which made it easy to aim.

We say that “it was” one because Epic Games vaulted Tactical Shotgun in Chapter 3 Season 4. So you can’t use the weapon right now, but maybe it’ll come back in the new season.

As the name suggests, this weapon is a fully automatic shotgun. Its main focus is on close range, so it doesn’t work well at medium to long distances.

Since you can shoot one after the other, you can do more damage to your enemies in a shorter time. Of course, don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s an automatic weapon, because you still have to hit the target well, otherwise the bullets will scatter.

Lever Action Shotgun

On paper, the Lever Action Shotgun is one of the best shotguns in the game when you look at its features. Players love this weapon because it can do high damage in close-range combat.

Epic Games will think similarly, as they’ve brought this shotgun back into the game with Chapter 3 Season 4.

If you find this shotgun especially at high rarity levels, you should definitely carry it with you.

It’ll feel good to have the leverage when the area shrinks and the chances increase that you’ll get into a close combat with your enemies.

There are two details you should remember before using this weapon. First, the weapon is a bit slower to equip and reload than usual.

So make sure you pick up the weapon before your enemies see you. Secondly, you should always aim at your enemies’ chest or head to get the maximum effect from this weapon.

Prime Shotgun

The Prime Shotgun, one of the most innovative weapons in Fortnite, isn’t for everyone. This is because this weapon has a peculiarity that distinguishes it from all other shotguns. It’s not just that it can take four bullets or that it’s high damage power.

The first bullet of the Prime Shotgun does 50% more damage than the others. This weapon, which was added to the game in the last season, acts with this strange feature as if it came from Dota 2 or League of Legends.

It’s really a big gamble that the first bullet deals 50% more damage, while the other three bullets do normal damage.

But what if you’re a player who never misses her/his shots with a shotgun at close range? Here’s the Prime Shotgun for you.

Deal devastating damage with your first bullet and then either use other bullets or continue fighting with another weapon.

This is the best choice for close-range combat. But we have a second winner for this list.

Ranger Shotgun

The Ranger Shotgun is the best shotgun in Fortnite in 2022. You’ll love this weapon that breaks all the classic shotgun rules, has only one bullet in the magazine and is used for ranged combat.

Ranger Shotgun, added to the game last March, is a weapon designed exclusively for players with good aim. The accuracy of the shot is crucial, since you’ll only have one chance before having to reload. But remember that the damage of this weapon is very high.

Especially in the versions with high rarity, you’ll be able to bring your enemies to the brink of extinction with a single bullet.

It’s a great feeling to hit a headshot with this “shotgun”, which does not look majestic from the outside, but contains the damage of worlds inside.

You can also try it at close range, but after the first shot you’ll have to switch to other weapons without bothering to reload.

That’s all we shared about 7 best shotguns in Fortnite for now. As in all Battle Royale games, which weapon is better depends on your play style.

So don’t forget to try out all the weapons on this list and use the one you feel most comfortable with.