Top 9 Agents to Unlock in Valorant

Top 9 Agents to Unlock in Valorant
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Valorant is a 5v5 tactical first-person shooter game developed by Riot games. It currently houses twenty different playable characters that we call “Agents”, and each of these agents has their own ability that can make or break a play in-game to win a round.

Choosing an agent that best suits your playstyle and how you play the map can be particularly overwhelming for new players that are still in the process of taking in the mechanics of the game.

There are also lots of considerations when choosing your agent to make sure you have a pretty strong team that’s not composed of five-man duelists, leaving all of you out in the open without any vision blockers when trying to take a particular area. It happens. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2024-04-07 

So, if you’re looking for a guide to walk you through which agents to choose, you’re in the right place! Here are our top 9 agents in Valorant:

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant: 9. Breach

Breach is a one-powerhouse agent when used correctly by a player. He has flashbangs, a stun called Fault line, Aftershocks that can pass through walls, and Rolling Thunder, a seismic charge that can even stop a bomb planter.

He is good at both taking and defending sites, dismantling the enemies holding risky angles, and making them back off because of his disruptive utilities. Just keep in mind that as much as his kit is useful, it can also impact your team negatively so be very careful when throwing flashes and stuns.

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant: 8. Sage

Sage is one of the sentinels that’s been part of the game since launch and is the only agent who has the ability to resurrect an ally. She can create a wall barrier to ward off any attackers or use it in a more offensive play style by boosting herself, holding an unexpected angle that can take an enemy by surprise. 

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Sage also has sustaining abilities, which is her signature skill that can heal both herself and her teammates. Her slow orb is often used for crowd control, when thrown, it creates a field that slows down the enemies. 

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant: 7. Sova

Sova is considered a good pick on almost every map there is in-game, that’s why it’s no surprise he made the of our top 9 agents in Valorant. 

Often seen playing behind his team, his recon bolt helps the team for intel, revealing where the enemies are located that are holding the site or preparing for a push when on the attacking side. His recon and shock darts are also powerful tools when used in line-ups.

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant: 6. Raze

Considering how often abilities can swing the result of a single round, Raze sure is bringing a lot to the table. This explosive duelist can take out multiple enemies at once with her ultimate, and take camping enemies out of their corners by the Boombot and throwing her grenade, cutting the chances of being ambushed in risky corners.

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Sometimes though, her little bot and paint shells do more than what’s required and actually kill the enemies by blasting their heads off, which definitely saves you a job, but it is rare. 

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant: 5. Kay/o

Kay/o is another great initiator agent when it comes to taking sites. With his suppressive abilities, flashes, and a molly, enemies will have to rethink their next moves when losing their unique abilities due to his ultimate. 

Also great for information-gathering using his signature skill that not only reveals the opposing team’s location but shut down their abilities as well, stalling their push for a short amount of time.

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant: 4. Viper

Viper is one of the best controllers in the game, no questions asked. Between her walls that can cover up and divide sites, up to her poisonous molly line-ups that can prevent both plants and defuses, she is a great asset to any team.

Although picking Viper means having to learn her toxic screen positioning and some line-ups, it all helps make a rewarding win, especially when trying to pull off a post-plant denial and actually succeeding. 

Viper’s pit, her ultimate, creates a massive toxic cloud that decays enemies up to a 1 HP point that makes playing inside it very lethal. 

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant: 3. Jett

Despite the recent well-deserved nerfs and balancing, Jett is still a viable, and optimal pick, for a duelist agent. Her ability to go for an enemy’s head and dash out almost instantly without getting traded is a great way for getting an opening kill. 

Truly an agent meant for entering the site, getting that early frags, and helping the team to take up space.

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant: 2. Fade

Fade is one of the five playable initiators in-game and a very good one at that. Could be annoying too for the most part, because of her Prowlers that are really going to chase you on ends of the site making you lose ammo just by shooting them (really op when it comes to pistol rounds), then an enemy pushes you and next thing you knew, you’re already spectating. Fade’s kit is designed to help you and your teammates gather much-needed info when defending or attacking a site.

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Her Haunt is used to reveal the location of enemies, her Seize decays, deafens, and traps your opponents which you can use to your advantage when pushing or rushing a site, also often paired with utilities like Raze’s nade. Fade’s ultimate called Nightfall is the embodiment of the nightmare itself, a great tool for retaking sites that produce trails of the enemies as well as deafens and decays them. 

Who are the Best Agents in Valorant: 1. Chamber

Chamber is possibly one of the most picked agents in Valorant. We see him in both standard and ranked matches, especially in the pro scene. This is because his kit provides you with two deadly guns that can one-tap opponents, even at long range. He also has decent map control as well because of his trips that are useful for information. Not to mention he can also teleport, giving you good mobility to play the map and for faster repositioning when needed. 

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Chamber is a good agent at taking picks and fights, all thanks to his utilities. His ultimate lets you equip a powerful sniper rifle that will one-hit enemies with direct contact. His headhunter is a monster for eco and pistol rounds, even more so when paired with rendezvous that allows you to peek angles, take a kill, and get away.