by on Dec 1, 2021

The First of December: A Festive Gaming Poem

It is the first of December, and you must now feel,
Festive and wrapped in fuzzy-jumpered zeal
The leaves have dropped, and so has Halo,
Christmas is upon us, but at the end of the day, though
You may wish to huddle merrily against the heater,
The holiday still seems like it’s in open beta.


A new variant, we hear, is out on patrol,
A dose of despair for every nomad soul
Though we await the food, the booze, the cheer,
All that warmth seems far off, in the dregs of the year
I prey, come the day, I will be jaunty without catch,
But at the moment I may require a seasonal patch.


Perhaps this is down to my refusal to greet,
2021 as anything but incomplete
The months blurred by like DLC,
Cosmetic add-ons to the misery of 2020
In the coming weeks, I must dispel the gloom,
And hope life, all this while, supports Quick Resume.


In the dark days of lockdown, games were the key,
Maybe now they can reinstall my gaiety
So here’s to the Chief, as green as holly
In his armoured embrace, may I yet grow jolly
What I play next will depend on my spiritual condition
Could it be Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy—The Definitive Edition?


To my shame, I haven’t yet played Jett: The Far Shore,
Likewise, for some reason, I neglected Death’s Door
I still have Bowser’s Fury, if I need a mood-lifter,
And Solar Ash, from the team who made Hyper Light Drifter
Plus, the new year looms with the promise of the new,
Banishing memories of those games I struggled miserably through.


The end of this year means closing the book,
On Balan Wonderworld and the pains I took
To get through Resident Evil Village and its many hashes
And The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes
To Far Cry 6 I say, so long!
As I look ahead to the likes of Hollow Knight: Silksong


Against all odds, I feel the need to squeal,
It is the first of December, and I’m starting to feel
The prickle of good tidings that Christmas brings,
Though I may spend it dreaming of Elden Rings
If you don’t feel festive, and you think you’re tarnished,
Remember: games are sometimes how life is best garnished.


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