Madden 23: How To Slide

Madden 23: How To Slide
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Madden 23 comes with quite a big learning curve. Whether you are improving your offense, defense, or both, there’s plenty of tips and information that can go a long way as you immerse yourself in the game.

In this Madden 23 gameplay guide, we will be touching upon on ‘how to slide’. When using a quarterback for example, be it a fast one or not, running is an easy way to get down field should all of your receivers be covered and the defensive pressure mounting.

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However, one realistic component Madden has continuously incorporated into the game, is injuries, particularly if you refuse to slide or don’t know how to slide with your quarterback and sustain a crushing hit from a defender.

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Because quarterbacks aren’t always the most athletic players on the field, the chances of them suffering injuries can be higher. Seeing how important the quarterback position is, sliding is very crucial to implement if you choose not to throw the ball away or run out of bounds.

How To Slide in Madden 23

PlayStation: Press Square

Xbox: Press X

PC: Press Q

Additional Info: Note, you can only slide upon sprinting with your player and it must be done once you pass the line of scrimmage. It’s important to treat your quarterback with care and caution, considering how drastically different your offense will flow without your starter.

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