Epic Games needs to add skin trading to Fortnite

Epic Games needs to add skin trading to Fortnite
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Skins are the most popular type of cosmetic item in Fortnite. Unfortunately, many skins were available for a brief period and will never return to the game. Due to this, newer players have no way of obtaining them, which is why they’d love to at least trade for them.

Adding a feature that allows players to trade skins would be great. Not only would this allow new players to obtain exclusive skins that are no longer available, but Epic Games could profit from it as well. The system would need to come with some limitations, but it would be amazing if implemented properly.

Trading Fortnite skins should be a new feature in Chapter 5

Reddit user godsibi recently posted an interesting question on Fortnite’s subreddit. The user asked other players if they’d like to trade Fortnite skins with their friends and others. The thread has become very popular, getting over 100 comments within a few hours, with many users wanting the skin-trading feature.

User Friendly-Airline2426 considers this a cool feature, although they pointed out a flaw in it. “I can only imagine the scam attempts that would come from this,” the Redditor posted. Glory_To_Atom, another user, suggested that Epic Games should require a purchase of 1,000 V-Bucks to allow trading, hoping to prevent scams.

“Surefire way to give bad people incentives to steal accounts,” Fortnitesworstsniper replied, posting another flaw of the system.

While scams would certainly happen, there are a few ways Epic could prevent them. The company could charge a tax on top of every trade. In addition, it would be a smart idea to have traders confirm their identities and have at least 2 days of playing time before trading skins.

Players would get their favorite skins, while Epic Games would make money from each transaction. This sounds like a win-win scenario, although users would need to be very careful when trading with strangers.

With Fortnite Chapter 5 likely coming out later this year, Epic Games could add this amazing feature with it. The feature could become very popular and could even bring many players back to the game.