*BREAKING* FIFA 23: World Cup Mode is LIVE

*BREAKING* FIFA 23: World Cup Mode is LIVE
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For the first time ever we will see a World Cup take place halfway through the European Leagues season. This means it will fall during November and December of 2022.

This is incredibly unusual for football in general, but it does also mean The World Cup content we receive in FIFA will be very different in FIFA 23

The new update is now live, as it was available from the 9th of November, with Ultimate Team content releasing on the 11th. Check out all the new features for the FIFA 23 World Cup below, including an all new soundtrack.

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Not one, but two World Cups?

So far we know that EA intends to heavily feature this landmark event in the upcoming FIFA 23. Not only will the men’s World Cup feature but the women’s World Cup, which will take place in New Zealand next year, will also feature in FIFA 23.

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The Qatar World Cup features in Career Mode, as the World Cup is playable every year, but because it is a World Cup year, we are getting extra features across multiple game modes.

We do not know a whole lot about the role the women’s game will play in FIFA 23, and how their World Cup will feature in the game.

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National teams are always in the game, but every single National side going to the tournament will be playable in FIFA 23.

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One thing we do know for sure is one of the in-game promos in Ultimate Team during the World Cup will be the release of Heroes.

These cards have better chemistry links with players who are in the same league as them, they are also some of the best cards the game has to offer, with the players being retired pros who are “heroes” of the game. 

FIFA 23 World Cup Release Date

Fans will be able to download the free World Cup update beginning November 9th. So if you own FIFA 23, then you can play the new update now.

In FIFA 23, fans are able to play as any of the 32 qualified nations in an authentic recreation of the full FIFA World Cup 2022™ from the opening match to the final game.

Players also have the option to customize their tournament experience, by changing groups and substituting in select teams that didn’t make it to the finals.

FIFA 23 World Cup on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One beginning November 9, with FUT updates kicking off November 11.

FIFA 23: World Cup Tournament

The FIFA 23 World Cup will be getting a Tournament Mode, and it will arrive on November 8th 2022, will allow fans to earn rewards based on their tournament progress and chosen difficulty by completing the Tournament.

FIFA 23: World Cup Leaks

As of the 12th of October, EA accidentally allowed access to the FIFA 23’s World Cup mode on PlayStation 5. You could access it via the PlayStation quick menus under the game. As we can see in the image above, you could access the menus, but nothing else.

It is worth noting that this can no longer be done at the time of writing, the World Cup Menu is no longer accessible.

We have also seen, in separate leaks, that Brazil don’t appear to be licensed in the game. Hopefully this will change by the time of release so that there is a full roster for the tournament.

FIFA 23: Marvel Heroes

Heroes first featured in FIFA 22 and they’re officially back in FIFA 23, but this time with a twist. EA has partnered with Marvel for the Hero cards – each card will be illustrated by Marvel, they will also be accompanied by limited edition comics written by Marvel. 

The news of these cards existing has been around since pre-orders went live, however we have only officially found out recently that they will be made in partnership with the comic book company Marvel. 

We know these Words Cup Heroes are set to replace the Heroes currently in packs. We are unsure if they’re going to reactive as has been rumoured, and they will be better the Heroes that are currently in the game. We also know that some of these players will be available through SBCs and Objectives, at least that’s if leaks are to be believed.

There is also World Cup swaps set to come to the game too. You can earn these through games and objectives

If you pre-order the game before the 21st of August you will get one of the Heroes included in your pre-order when they release on the 11th of November. 

The players we know that are featuring so far are:

  • Diego Forlan – 91 – as “Sunstrike”
  • Lucio – 90 – as “The Thunder”
  • Rafael Marquez – 89 – as “El Kaiser”
  • Javier Mascherano – 89 – as “Octob-Boss”
  • Yaya Toure – 89 -as “The Citadel”
  • Landon Donovan – 88 – as “The Brave”
  • Park Ji-Sung – 87 – as “Tigerheart”
  • Cladio Marchioso – 88 – as “Il Prinicipino”
  • Peter Crouch – 86 – as “The Robot”
  • Tomas Brolin – 89 – as “The Tornado”
  • Harry Kewell – 88 – as “The Wizard of Aus”
  • Sidney Govou – 87 – as “The Lion of Lyon”
  • Jean Pierre-Papin – 90 – as “The Acrobat”
  • Dirk Kuyt – 88 – as “The Energizer”
  • Rudi Völler – 91 – as “The Flying German”
  • Hidetoshi Nakata – 88 – as “Stealth Agent 78”
  • Jay-Jay Okocha – 89 – as “Double Take”
  • Joan Capdevila – 88 – as “The Backfield Bull”
  • Włodzimierz Smolarek – 88 – as “Phase Shift” 
  • Saeed Al-Owairan – 88 – as “The Emerald Falcon” 

When its the FIFA 23 World Cup Content Releasing

The FIFA 23 World Cup Patch will be coming on the 9th of November.

How much is the FIFA 23 World Cup Content?

The FIFA 23 World Cup update will be available via a free patch. So as long as you own FIFA 23, you can access the World Cup content. Although, there will be special packs available to buy on the FIFA Ultimate Team Store.

When will I receive my World Cup Hero Ultimate Edition Bonus?

If you pre-ordered the game and bought the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 23 then you will know you’re eligible to receive a World Cup Hero. These are set to be given to players on the 11th of November, when the cards release.