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FIFA 23 – Best FORMATIONS to win in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

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FIFA 23 is here and fans of the game are eager to play. So we are here to let you know best formations to play with, and other custom tactics. Let’s kick off with formations you should experiment with day one whether it’s Ultimate Team or other modes!

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We’ve also teamed up with FIFA expert and EA Game Changer Neal Guides – who has had plenty of hands-on time with FIFA 23 and is certainly one of the best.

You can learn how to how to score every penalty in FIFA 23 as well as how to score free kicks in FIFA 23, which – combined with these formations, will give you a well rounded game.

Let’s kick off.

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FIFA 23 Best Formations To Play With

4-1-2-1-2 (Narrow)

4-1-2-1-2 is one of the classic formations to run with whether it’s Ultimate Team or other modes which require an efficient setup.

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You will always find your team having plenty of players to infiltrate the midfield so if you enjoy playing ‘possession ball’ and dissecting a defence, this formation is great!

However with it being a narrow setup, your width is at exposure here. So to ensure you can maximise this lineup with minimising exposure make sure your fullbacks and in position.

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If they become out of position, you can caught by a surprise counter and conceding a goal. It’s crucial you’re confident with holding the ball with this formation.

4-4-2 formation – the meta formation in FIFA 23

The classic, 4-4-2 is still one of the effective formations to be used in FIFA 23.

You can’t go wrong with 4-4-2 however, as you have players everywhere and width is not a problem.

With a plethora of options in the midfield you can definitely mix it up with your choices, the skies the limit!

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You will also be strong on both sides offensively and defensively, this is a formation that will also allow you to cross the a ball in effectively which proves to be successful in FIFA every year.

With two up front, it caters to strikers who perhaps don’t have the pace, but are strong in the air.

The stacked midfield means holding the centre of the pitch is a breeze, while, so long as you have some creativity in the midst, offers plenty of opportunities to create goal-scoring opportunities.


A modern formation which is well loved by majority of football clubs in today’s football. With an alternative false 9 version of 4-3-3, the striker can also drop into the midfield.

This provides even more stability in a midfield which should be able to swarm against any formation.

In this formation the central midfield is playing in a neutral position, however the alternative false 9 formation can allow fullbacks to be more aggressive and press.

Nevertheless, this formation brings a lot of versatility and space for players to enjoy from when crafting their team.

Be aware that you will be vulnerable down the flanks.


Currently this has been dubbed the “meta” formation for FIFA 23. This is actually a new formation that have EA have brought in – there’s no surprise that is super strong at the moment!

Adding a CDM into the defensive front adds a new dynamic to defence in FIFA – as the CDM can be treated as a ‘free roam’ role, picking up on out of position players.

This brings strong versatility to your squad and brings an opportunity to fit a real anchor in the CDM role that can intercept passes and dictate the game.

Players that are strong in a 5-1-2-2 consist of:

  • Ibrahima Konate (Liverpool)
  • Ruben Dias (Manchester City)
  • Raphael Varane (Manchester United)
  • Ronald Araujo (FC Barcelona)
  • David Alaba (Real Madrid)

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FIFA 23 Best Formation Example: 4-1-2-1-2

Here we have a really great example of how the 4-1-2-1-2 formation can be utilised.

Eden Hazard can switch over to LM with FIFA 23’s new position modifier – allowing more flexibility with how you can use that card too.

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This also opens up the door for the offence to be pressed down the middle to give space for your forwards to slide past the back four and have good opportunities to get a goal in.

The stable positioning of the midfield and back four makes this formation great if your strengths are through the midfield for sure.

Check out our sister website, WePC for a more detailed analysis on the best formations to utilise in this year’s FIFA!

FIFA 23 Best Formation Example: 4-2-2-2

There is no denying that this formation is a bit of a mouthful, so we like to call four and the twos, it has a nicer ring to it honestly and you won’t lose track of how many times you have said two. This formation will defend like a 4-4-2, but going forward you have passing options everywhere, while still having a sturdy foundation to defend with.

When does FIFA 23 release?

FIFA 23 released on Tuesday, September 27th or alternatively, the game releases for the majority on Friday, September 30th

FIFA 23 Best Formation & Tactics FAQs

What is the most effective formation in FIFA?

We feel that 4-3-3 is most likely the best formation to use in FIFA 23 currently, given its versatility too.

What is the best attacking formation in FIFA?

A 4-1-2-1-2 formation gives a plethora of options to attack down the middle or from the sides if you opt for a wider setup than it’s narrow counterpart.