EA Sports College Football 24 new features and more

EA Sports College Football 24 new features and more
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EA Sports College Football 24 is set to launch in 2024, and the fanfare circulating around the game has begun to simmer. The last installment of the popular NCAA College Football franchise came back in 2013 for Xbox 360 and PS3, when Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson graced the cover. The famous college football game franchise ultimately discontinued due to legal issues circulating the game’s use of player likeness.

However, roughly nine years later EA Sports made an announcement about the return of their college football game in February, 2021. And despite revealing a vague release date for their new college football game last year, EA Sports has yet to reveal when exactly that will be.

Whether its the photos, videos, audio assets, recording on-air talent from ESPN’s college football commentary team, as well as securing the name, image, and likeness rights from over 100+ players, there’s tons of work that still remains before EA Sports pulls off the return of its new college football sports game.

But for now, here’s a look at the key details we know so far about the games features and more.

College Football 24 new features

Transfer Portal

EA Sports has indeed confirmed that College Football 24 will have a student transfer portal. EA Sports has yet to release a PR statement or disclose additional details about their new transfer portal feature. Sports game franchises are always looking to figure out different ways to make their game as authentic as possible, and adding the transfer portal does just that for College Football 24.

That said, the unknown specifics regarding how that can positively or negatively impact your team, has provided a wrinkle of skepticism worth keeping close tabs on.

Helmet Stickers and Uniforms

EA Sports is going above and beyond to add in unique helmet stickers to go along with a slew of throwback uniforms. Though we don’t know which uniforms to expect, one can only imagine how exciting this feature will be, considering the options weren’t fruitful in previous editions of the game.

College Football 24 returning fan-favourites

The two most popular features that are coming back to College Football 24, is that of ‘Dynasty Mode’ and ‘Road to Glory.’ Dynasty Mode is the equivalent to that of Madden’s franchise mode, allowing users to take over a NCAA football program that they can lead to new heights over multiple seasons.

Road to Glory, on the other hand, is a single player mode that grants fans a chance to build their own user-generated player that they will play with from high school to the end of their college football career. It’s an iconic mode that allows fans to pave their own path using a player they created.

College Football 24 will be based on Madden

The engine EA Sports is using to create College Football 24, is the same they use for Madden. That said, EA Sports will be implementing various adjustments that will uniquely set the game apart from Madden.

Each school’s atmosphere and traditions will be targeted, providing a special experience from the college game that you wouldn’t receive in Madden. Moreover, College football is significantly different than that of the NFL and has its own unique style that is quite special to experience.

The playbook will be a big part of that unique experience. For example, RPO (Run Pass Option) plays, were first used in the NCAA College Football game prior to being introduced in Madden. In short, Madden’s engine will only serve as the blueprint for a game that plans to incorporate so much more than what we’ve seen in the NFL version of this franchise.

College Football 24’s one major downside

The biggest downside from this new college football game, is the fact that it will only be available on next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X and PS5). That means for any gamers that still use an Xbox One or PS4, you will not have access to this game.

As far as PC goes, there has been no confirmation on whether College Football 24 will be available to play on that platform. The game development is still in the early stages so it’s unlikely we will know that information until sometime next year.

That said, be sure to check back here for any updates on the latest changes and features from College Football 24.

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