EA Sports College Football 24 release date and cover athlete predictions

EA Sports College Football 24 release date and cover athlete predictions
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When is the release date of EA Sports College Football 24? EA Sports ceased their popular college football simulator almost a decade ago. The game was arguably more popular than Madden for EA Sports, and the loss was a tragic one for players. Even today, many still have and play their physical copies of the game. When the developers announced it was coming back, fans delighted.

There has been one major issue with EA Sports College Football 24. The developers have been trying to secure the likenesses of star players like Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Marvin Harrison Jr., and others. The old game had generic players in place of the game’s biggest stars. With the onset of NIL (Name, Image & Likeness), it’s now possible to get the actual players, but it’s still easier said than done.

Unlike Madden 24, EA Sports College Football 24 is not expected to release in 2023 and run through 2024. Here’s what we know about the expected release date and who might grace the cover.

When is the EA Sports College Football 24 release date?

College Football 24

Per ESPN, College Football 24 is expected to launch come the Summer of 2024. Despite the hurdles they’ve had to jump through and legal issues that have cropped up, the game remains on track. Lawsuits linger over imaging rights, but the developers are confident that they will have the game ready to go by next summer. That leaves just a few months between the community and the return of the popular game with Dynasty Mode, Road to Glory, and so much more.

There was a June or July 2023 speculated release date, but that was purely conjecture. All official sources from within Electronic Arts have confirmed that the plan is summer 2024. Obviously, July 2023 has come and gone and the college football video game is not out yet. Daryl Holt of EA has stated numerous times that Summer 2024 is the plan for all consoles, such as Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

EA Sports College Football 24 cover athlete predictions

NCAA Football 14 was almost a decade ago, which means that there have been a host of star college players that could have had covers. They missed out, but EA can do them retroactively in 2024. From Carson Palmer for NCAA Football 04, to Reggie Bush for NCAA Football 07, to Tim Tebow for NCAA Football 11, the list of college legends EA Sports has featured on their covers is extensive and will only continue with their latest edition. Denard Robinson of Michigan was the franchise’s last cover star.

Based on those who have not had covers and those who are currently dominating the college game, we believe the following are strong candidates for the as yet unconfirmed cover athlete.

1. Cam Newton (QB) – Auburn

Carolina Panthers NFL Xbox 360 screenshot featuring EA Sports College Football 24.
Image via EA Sports

No Auburn player has been on the cover of NCAA yet. It is true that Cam Newton was in college when the game was active, but he was glossed over. That’s a surprise, given that he had arguably the best college football season of all time. He also became an MVP winner in the NFL, so he is still fairly relevant. For a throwback option, the Heisman Trophy and national championship winner is a very good choice.

2. Caleb Williams (QB) – USC

Caleb Williams is the presumptive first pick in the upcoming NFL draft. He already won the Heisman, and could do so again this year. He’s so good that many scouts believe he would’ve been the top pick in the last four drafts. There is hardly a brighter star in the college game, and he would be the perfect pick for the return of NCAA Football. For an authentic college football experience, look no further than the biggest college player in the country.

3. Devonta Smith (WR)- Alabama

It’s rare for a non-quarterback to win the Heisman, but that’s what Alabama wideout Devonta Smith did in 2020. He was one of the best wide receivers of the last decade, and he would be a great choice. It’s easy to pick a QB to go on the cover, but this gives EA an option that’s a little less mainstream. He’s still extremely popular, so it would make a very good selection.

4. Drake Maye (QB) – UNC

Drake Maye is a star in the college game. He’s the face of a suddenly very good program at North Carolina. He’s expected to go very high in the NFL Draft as well. If EA Sports wants someone who’s less mainstream than Caleb Williams, this is the perfect option. UNC isn’t thought of as a football school, and their colors and uniforms would make for beautiful cover art. There are a lot of reasons to consider Maye as a current college player option for the cover.

Closing Thoughts

In all fairness, EA Sports College Football 24 could go a lot of different directions with their new cover athlete and there’s no way of knowing what they might opt to do at this time. Whether there will be two college football stars on the cover or maybe someone who is much younger like Bryce Young, EA Sports has a lot of leeway seeing it’s been so long since NCAA Football 14 came out. Though it’s still so early for such big news to break about the new game, these two candidates certainly have a fair shot at landing on the cover of the new hit college football game. Texas, Florida State, Notre Dame, and more all have worthy players, so it will be interesting to see who makes it on the cover.

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