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Cyber Monday soundbar deals 2022

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The perfect companion for any gaming or home cinema set-up, these Cyber Monday soundbar deals will guarantee you can get high quality at a low price.

A soundbar rests underneath your TV or monitor. It serves as a great way to get compact, high quality, surround sound. This makes it a no brainer addition to any ultra wide monitor or TV set-up.

The soundbars we’re looking at today will all be of a high quality, manufactured by reputable companies such as Sony, Bose, LG, and Sonos, and all featuring a subwoofer, giving you a huge dynamic and sonic range.

The prices range between $200-$800, and some of the savings are sure to be eye-watering.

Best Soundbar deals 2022

  1. Samsung HW-B650/ZA 3.1ch Sound bar with Dolby 5.1 / DTS Virtual:X – reduced by $190, now $209.99
  2. LG – 3.1-Channel 420W Soundbar System with Wireless Subwoofer and Dolby Atmos – reduced by $400, now $599.9
  3. Samsung – HW-Q750B/ZA 5.1.2ch Sound bar with Wireless Dolby Atmos – reduced by $320, now $479.99
  4. LG 3.1.2 Channel Eclair Soundbar with Dolby Atmos reduced by $200 now $399.99
  5. Samsung – HW-Q800B/ZA 5.1.2ch Sound bar with Wireless Dolby Atmos – reduced by $300, now $699.99

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Where to find the best sound bar Cyber Monday deals?

With the volume of deals on offer around this time of year so high, you might be wondering how to make sure you’re making the biggest savings possible. Often it’s the biggest retailers offering the biggest discounts.


We’ve listed some below that we’re confident will be offering huge Cyber Monday soundbar deals.

  1. Amazon: Big deals on mainstream sound bars
  2. Best Buy: Great savings on Insignia, Bose, and Sony sound bars already
  3. Ebuyer: Discounts on TV speakers, headphones, and sound bars
  4. Newegg: Top tech deals on sound bars, subwoofers, and surround sound speakers

Cyber Monday soundbar deals

While there are big savings and deals popping up all over the place, the official Cyber Monday deals haven’t yet started to appear. Fear not though, for we are poised and ready to update this article with all the best Cyber Monday soundbar deals the moment they are released. For this reason, make sure you have this article saved and keep checking back, to ensure you maximise you’re savings on your brand new soundbar.

In the mean time, here are some great deals on TVs and monitors to go with your new soundbar:

  1. Lenovo 31.5 inch 4K UHD USB-C HDMI Monitor – reduced by $315, now $419
  2. LG – 48″ Class A2 Series OLED 4K UHD Smart TV – reduced by $730, now $599.99
  3. Samsung – 55″ Class The Frame QLED 4k Smart Tizen TV – reduced by $500, now $999.99

When will Cyber Monday soundbar deals start in 2022?

Our best bet is that the Cyber Monday soundbar deals will start popping up around November 25. So there’s not long to go now.

There are two ways you can make certain you’ll save the most money on Cyber Monday sales. You could either check through the big retailers listed above for the deal you want, or keep checking back on this article.

We’ll be updating it regularly with what we reckon are the best deals and biggest saves, saving you both time and money!

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Features to consider when looking for a Cyber Monday soundbar deal

Soundbars are high tech bits of kit. This means there are a few features and specs it’s worth keeping in mind when browsing Cyber Monday soundbar deals. They are connectivity, Dolby Atmos and channels.

Connectivity: Connectivity is just the different ways you can connect devices to your soundbar, in order to send it audio to play. There are 5 main types of connectivity and the best soundbars will have all of them. There’s are HDMI, Digital optical, 3.5mm headphone jack, 3.5mm line out and bluetooth.

Dolby Atmos: This bit of technology, designed by Dolby, adds another dimension to surround sound. This means that soundbars with this feature can create sound in 3D

Channels: The more channels your soundbar has, the more layers of audio the computer can send it. This ensures you use all of the surround sound capabilities the soundbar may have.

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Cyber Monday soundbar FAQs

Can a soundbar connect to a phone?

Yes – if your soundbar has Bluetooth or 3.5mm headphone jack connectivity, you can connect it your phone.

Where should you put a soundbar?

For connecting your soundbar to your TV ensure if is well centred. Putting your soundbar close to the screen can be a good idea too, as it means the image and audio will feel more connected.

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