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Cyber Monday gaming deals (2022)

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The sales frenzy is almost upon us, so if you’re looking for Cyber Monday gaming deals, this article will be sure to provide.

The sales period between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is one of the biggest events for retailers every year. Big cuts in prices are guaranteed, and what with many tighter for cash than previous years, it makes a whole lot of sense to get the bulk of your shopping done during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales period.

This article will cover all the bets current gaming deals for Cyber Monday, whether you’re looking to buy a graphics card or gaming PC. So, stop the tedious scrolling and check out our best current deals below, especially picked by our tech team.

Best gaming deals October 2022

We’ve done the hard bit of finding the deals which have been amongst all the sales pages and put them all here in one place. So, if you’re getting a head start on this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, you’re in the right place – check out our best current gaming deals shortlist below.


Cyber Monday – Steam

  1. Elden Ring (PS5) – $7 reduced
  2. Monster Hunter World (Xbox One) – $35 reduced
  3. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition -$30 reduced


Cyber Monday – Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Switch Bundles – Nintendo Switch Lite

Hardware / Components

Cyber Monday – Ryzen – RTX 3080 & 3080 Ti – GPUs

Gaming PCs

Cyber Monday – iBUYPOWER – Cyberpower – Gaming PC


Cyber Monday – Laptops – Gaming laptops – Razer laptops


Cyber Monday – Gaming speakers – Modems – Sound bar – Gaming Chair – Secretlab

Where to find the best Cyber Monday gaming deals?

With almost everyone looking to make savings as 2022 approaches its close, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is set to be a chaotic sales period. Popular tech retailers are already launching big sales even before we hit November, pointing to the likelihood of a busy sales period.


If all this is sounding a bit much, don’t worry – we’ve shortlisted a top selection to make it all as bit less tedious. Head over to the following Cyber Monday gaming retailers who regularly serve up the stellar deals. We recommend checking out their pages now to check out what the pricing trends are saying so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal if you see one.

Listed below are our top retailers:

Cyber Monday gaming deals

We waiting a little longer until the big deals start rolling in for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. For now, we’ll be speculating when they’ll begin and what kind of discounts we’re expecting to see.

Cyber Monday gaming deals FAQs

When will Cyber Monday sales start in 2022?

Cyber Monday starts on November 28th.

Will games be on sale during Cyber Monday

Yes – games are not excluded from the hundreds of products about to be discounted during Cyber Monday plus will probably continue to be discounted even once the official sales period is over as we enter into Christmas time.

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