Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals 2022

Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals 2022
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The Nintendo Switch is a great console receiving consistent support and upgrades, so if you want to get involved these Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals are like striking gold.

The Nintendo Switch is a family favourite console, perfect on-the-go or on the big screen, these Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals will maximise the console’s potential for fun. Ranging in games, console variations such as the Pokemon Scarlet/Violet OLED pre order, accessories, and more, this is the perfect place to gear up your Nintendo Switch collection.

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Best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals 2022

In this list we’ve collected the best savings on games, consoles, and accessories. At the same time, we’ve been carefully curating to ensure that you’re paying the best prices for any Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals this fall. We’re seeing early Black Friday deals from retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy – so here’s our pick of the best of the bunch.

Where to find the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals?

As expected, Black Friday is getting beefier and beefier. We’re seeing great savings already, before any Black Friday marketing has even begun, and we anticipate that when the BF frenzy does begin, consumers are going to be overwhelmed with all the deals and bargains thrown in your face. So, to help you out, we’re going to be curating the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals on our website.

Nintendo Black Friday sales shortlist:

When will Black Friday Nintendo Switch sales start in 2022?

Black Friday kicks off this year on 25th November, and Cyber Monday three days later. Though this is still far away, we do anticipate that the Black Friday sales will begin much before the standard date. Savings and discounts have already started creeping in – many of which we’ve collected here in preparation for you.

How to get the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals in 2022?

You might not be interested in sitting in front of a computer screen for hours, deep-diving through sales and discounts and maintaining thick spreadsheets of prices and numbers. But we are.

To give you the best chance of finding the best Black Friday Nintendo Switch deals, we’ve collated them into one place to save you the effort.

However, we do recommend that you do your own research by browsing through our major tech retailer shortlist, which he have listed above.

To find the best deals for Nintendo Switch, we recommend looking through Amazon and Best Buy, both certified retailers of Switch products. Too, the Nintendo store is likely to be well stocked, so you know just where to look for all of your products.

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Will there be Black Friday deals on Nintendo Switch consoles?

We do anticipate seeing some fantastic Black Friday Nintendo Switch consoles deals this year – we already saw a great selection from various sales this year including Amazon’s Prime Early Access sales.

As well as seeing deals on consoles, we’re going to see deals on Nintendo Switch Lite, Joy Cons, and accessories.

Features to consider when looking for a Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal

New games are generally priced at most $60, whereas consoles are mostly $300 – $350. To get the best Nintendo Switch Black Friday deal you’ll generally be trying to find deals at huge discounts of this.

Black Friday Nintendo Switch FAQs

How much is a Nintendo Switch?

  • Nintendo Switch Lite: $199
  • Nintendo Switch: $299
  • Nintendo Switch OLED: $349

How much is a Nintendo Switch on Black Friday?

Typically, Black Friday sees great price slashes on Nintendo Switches. We could be seeing the OLED model going as low as $300, which is a great bargain on a quality console.

How to connect Nintendo Switch to TV?

To connect your Nintendo Switch to TV:

  • Plug in HDMI cable to dock and connect to TV
  • Dock Nintendo Switch
  • Power it on

This should automatically connect your Switch to your TV.

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