ps4 hardware1111111111 -
ps4 hardware1111111111 -

Sony plans to announce details of a future PS4 firmware update "very soon", European PS Blog manager Fred Dutton has teased.

Responding to fans asking for information on when further system updates would be revealed, Dutton confirmed: "Yes, more news on PS4 firmware updates very soon. Stay tuned."

Dutton later added that he couldn't confirm when details would be released, but reiterated to fans to expect more info "soon".

Sony has been criticised by some fans for its sluggish approach to PS4 firmware updates, particularly when compared to Microsoft's monthly strategy for Xbox One.

The latest major PS4 system update launched at the end of April introducing SHAREfactory, a USB export option for screenshots and video and the option to disable HDCP.

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The standby mode does that, just with an added flick back to the menu, though. I assumed it keeps the game state and goes on a low power mode, it seems to go back to the same point in the game when I go back, at least.

But, yeah, probably better if they properly implement it.

The "friend-takes-over-your-game" thing was all over the initial videos during the reveal as well.
Posted 19:22 on 21 July 2014

Neon-Soldier32@ pblive

No I mean the 'The suspend/resume mode keeps the PS4 in a low-power state, while preserving your game session. As such, all you'll need to do is hit the power button again and you'll be taken back to the exact moment where you left off. The "friend-takes-over-your-game" feature, on the other hand, allows a friend to virtually look over your shoulder, and with permission, "take over" your controller to help you finish a level.' (from Gamespot) feature.
Posted 18:41 on 21 July 2014

pblive@ Neon-Soldier32

Surely that's Standby Mode? Works for me, anyway.

Still, lots of features still to be added. Perhaps they think it looks like value added content if they do it later?
Posted 17:30 on 21 July 2014


It's not great that the PS4's firmware is half finished. I mean, something as basic as organising your download list is impossible without militaristic levels of planning.

That along with a lack of features promised at the reveal (that power off and resume mode for one!) is bad. Both systems need to organise their firmware and give more updates on what's happening with it.
Posted 17:25 on 21 July 2014
Bloodstorm's Avatar


Will i finally be able to stream films i have from my PC to PS4?

I f*cking hope so, the lack of that feature is an absolute joke.
Posted 17:12 on 21 July 2014
Bretty's Avatar


They need to sort out the random bug in the share function as well. Too often than not I do something "great" gameplay wise, go to upload it and for some reason it's still showing me a video from the other day.

It's a shame both consoles seemed to have shipped half finished.
Posted 17:12 on 21 July 2014
BritishWolf's Avatar


I've been waiting for custom soundtracks for far too long. They really need to pull their finger out and update with these missing features
Posted 16:55 on 21 July 2014
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