Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2 – the reviews are in

Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2 – the reviews are in
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If you’re interested in VR gaming, then you’re probably looking at the PSVR 2 and Meta Quest 3 as two of the flagship headsets to be considering.

The competition is certainly heating up. In one corner we have Meta, marketing the Quest 3 as “the first mass-market mixed reality headset”. Competitively priced at $499 for the 128GB storage version. In the opposite corner, we have PlayStation, retailing the PSVR 2 currently for around $550.

To make the comparison as simple as possible, we’ve broken it down into different sections to discuss the specs, special features and price differences side-by-side. We’ve also been hands-on with our review of the Meta Quest 3 and PSVR 2 review should you want further depth and detail.

Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2 – Specs

Meta Quest 3PSVR 2
ChipsetSnapdragon XR2 Gen 2Custom 7nm AMD Zen 2 CPU (Shared with PS5)
Display resolution2064 x 2208 pixels per eye2000 x 2040 per eye
Storage128GB, 512 GB826GB (Shared with PS5)
RAM8 GB512MB DDR4 RAM (Shared with PS5)
Refresh rate90/120Hz90/120Hz
Weight515 grams1.2lbs
PassthroughFull colorNone

As you can see, the Meta Quest 3 brings some pretty impressive specs to the table. It makes a solid competitor to the PSVR 2, matching its refresh rate and outperforming its display resolution. Furthermore, we’ve also got an official release date of the 10th of October so we know exactly when we’ll be able to get our hands on the Quest 3 for a face-to-face comparison.

When Meta announced that the Quest 3 would have the highest resolution display of any of their VR headsets to date, it implied that it would outperform both the Quest 2 and Quest Pro. We know that it would have a higher resolution than 1800 x 1920p per eye, and with a confirmed spec of 2064 x 2208 res LCD panel per eye, it will definitely keep up with the 4K display of the PSVR 2.

Looking at the most recent generation of Snapdragon chips, the Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 used in the Quest 3, it is sure powerful. With built-in processing for head, hand, and object tracking, the Quest 3 will offer an impressive performance that rivals its PlayStation rival. The PSVR 2 doesn’t actually have its own chip, instead it relies on the one inside the PS5 console it must be docked to at all times. The same is true with its storage size. The Meta Quest 3 meanwhile will come with a 128GB storage size as well as in a huge 512 GB option, missing the middle ground of 256 GB for now.

Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2 – Design

The Meta Quest 3 has a sleek design. The company did reveal that it would be 40% slimmer than the Meta Quest 2, making for a lightweight and comfortable headset, and the specs don’t disappoint. At only 515 grams, the Quest 3 is significantly lighter than the slightly hefty Quest 2 model.

One of the most exciting features of the Quest 3 is its full-color video pass-through courtesy of two 4MP RGB color cameras and a depth sensor.

The PSVR 2 design meanwhile chimes with the rest of the PS5 family well. The headset itself is sleek and ergonomic and the sense controllers have a nice orb design. There is no video passthrough at all which is a limiting feature, as is the cable which must be connected to the PS5 at all times.

Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2 – Controllers

The Meta Quest 3 has ring-less controllers being one of the first VR headsets we’ve seen to do so. This makes for more comfortable gameplay and gets rid of the annoying process of orientation.

As well as this the Quest 3 will have sophisticated hand tracking, so much so that you might only need to actually use the controller for the more complex tasks such as gaming.

The PSVR 2’s sense controllers are ergonomic and well-designed. Play Station has factored in different hand sizes and they feel generally comfortable and grippy.

Both sets of controllers also feature haptic feedback which gives sensory information to the player, meaning you can feel the tension in a bow’s string for example.

Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2 – Price

If you already have a PlayStation console, then the price of the Meta Quest 3 and PSVR 2 are almost the same at around $500.





2000 x 2040p (per eye)

Refresh rate

90Hz/ 120Hz

Field of View

110 Degrees



Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2 – Final word

With specs looking overall fairly similar, it’s hard to say for sure whether the Meta Quest 3 is superior to the PSVR 2. What’s more, we reckon that on the whole, your decision will still come down to personal preference, and ultimately, if you own a PS5 console or not.

Both of these headsets will offer a high end and high performance gaming experience. The Quest 3 will be more affordable, and has wider compatibility, though if you already own a PS5 you won’t need to worry about any extra cost there. What’s more, there are many PSVR 2 exclusive games which you will not be able to play on the Quest 3. If you’ve got your eye on any of those the PSVR 2 will make more sense.

We’ve also compared the Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest 2 and the Meta Quest 3 vs Meta Quest Pro.