Meta Quest 3 release date speculation, price, and specs

Meta Quest 3 release date speculation, price, and specs
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While we have a release date window for the Meta Quest 3, the exact release date is still very much a mystery. That being said, we may be able to look back at previous Meta Quest releases and make an informed prediction on when it may arrive. Plus, the Meta Connect event beginning this week seems highly likely to confirm the final details.

Despite the Meta Quest Pro’s launch in 2022, Mark Zuckerberg’s tech company seems to be drilling down further into VR headsets. This time, it looks to be slightly more consumer-friendly and targeted more toward the gamer, rather than the professional, though it’s certainly sounding impressive. The Meta Quest 3 is now available to pre order.

Zuckerberg teased it on his Instagram story. Posting a picture with a countdown covering the inconspicuous object in his hands – the Facebook founder’s hands, feet, and sweater can be seen on a display in the background, almost as though video pass-through was being used to feed it there.

When is the Meta Quest 3 coming out?

Currently, we have a Fall ’23 release window, though Meta will go into more detail come Meta Connect which begins on September 27th, confirmed recently in a post via X (formerly known as Twitter).

The Meta Quest 2 (or Oculus Quest 2 as it was originally named) was released on October 13, 2020. Next up was the Meta Quest Pro, released on October 25, 2022.

Now there appears to be a pattern emerging…at least based on these two releases that is. Considering that more information apparently coming our way in September 2023, we’d be highly surprised if they didn’t announce the exact release date then.

We’d predict an October 2023 release date too, potentially more towards the middle of the month based on previous patterns, but as always, take this with a pinch of salt until it’s officially announced.

Meta Quest 3 specs and price

Following on from the reveal on June 1st, we had a first proper look at the Meta Quest 3, which will feature a next-gen Qualcomm chip, costing $499 / £479.99. Meta has said its new headset has been “redesigned from the inside out”, so let’s take a look at what that actually means.

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The latest VR headset from Meta will be 40% slimmer than its predecessor while boasting double the graphics performance. Like the upcoming Apple Vision Pro, it will feature a colour pass-through camera, meaning you can see the world around you in full colour. Resolution-wise, we’re yet to get a precise figure from Meta, other than it will be nearly a 30% leap compared to the Quest 2. For reference, the Quest 2 has a resolution of about 3.5MP.

Meta Quest 3
ChipsetNext-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon chip
Display ResolutionTBC, 30% higher than Quest 2
Refresh Rate120Hz
Display TypeLCD
Storage128GB, larger size TBC
Battery LifeUp to 3 hours
Mixed Reality PassthroughHigh-fidelity colour Passthrough
FOVapprox. 100 degrees
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6, Bluetooth

While the exact chip used in Quest 3 will likely be confirmed at the Meta Connect event, what’s clear is that it will be a step up from Quest 2. According to Meta, Quest 3 will have twice the graphics performance, translating to improved visuals and VR games and experiences. In fact, Meta has confirmed Quest 3 will have a “nearly 30% leap in resolution from Quest 2”.

Meta Quest 3 games and backwards compatibility

Though in its infancy now, Meta seems keen to emphasise its growing library of VR games. The improved chip in the Quest 3 allows games to be played not only in higher resolution, but higher frame rates too. While not all games are getting an upgrade or enhancement with the Quest 3, they might run better with the improved hardware. Let’s take a look at some new and improved VR titles we’re most looking forward to with the Quest 3.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (Chapter 1)

A hugely popular Quest 2 title, this zombie epic looks like it will only get more terrifying with Meta Quest 3. In the description for its trailer for Chapter 1, Skydance Interactive confirmed that “an enhanced version of Chapter 1 will be coming to Meta Quest 3”.

Pavlov Shack

In the absence of a graphics update for Quest 3, the CEO of Vakrupt Dave Villarreal confirmed that the game will hit 90Hz refresh rate with the new headset. That’s compared to 72Hz on the Quest 2. The improved lenses and resolution on the Quest 3 could be good news for Pavlov Shack, though this is unconfirmed, and based on the Quest 3’s lense improvements.

Arashi: Castles of Sin – Final Cut

Set in feudal Japan, this combat game is coming to Meta Quest 2 and 3 this Fall from Skydance Interactive. Skydance has confirmed that there’ll be new improved graphics, a wider range of weapons and some new unique bosses to beat for “the new generation of VR”, which they mention in the trailer.

We’re expecting to see more games added to this list too, especially following the virtual Meta Connect event.