Apple Vision Pro launch date is February 2nd – here’s everything you need to know

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The Apple Vision Pro launch date is nearly upon us. Here’s everything you need to know.

The mixed reality headset will be integrated into Apple’s ecosystem of software and is targeted for communication, entertainment, and more. Interestingly, Apple calls it a spatial computer, claiming that it’s the most powerful and immersive immersive personal electronics device, ever.

Apple Vision Pro release date

It’s time to get ready. Apple has announced that the Vision Pro will begin shipping on February 2nd with pre-orders beginning as early as January 19th. Make sure you know where to buy the Apple Vision Pro beforehand.

Apple unveiled the new headset during the Worldwide Developer Conference last June. The headset, costing $3,499, provides a 4K display in each eye and allows you to switch between both augmented reality and virtual reality. Apple is not playing around with this equipment! Powered by Apple’s in-house M2 chip and the new R1 chip, the headset doesn’t require a controller as it supports eye, head, and hand tracking. If you’re wondering whether the Apple Vision Pro is wired or wireless, we’ve got you covered here at Videogamer as we’re breaking down all things Apple Vision.

Apple Vision Pro features and specs

Apple has announced that it will “code new worlds”, so how does this translate to the specs and features of their mixed-reality headset? Here are some of the highlights:

  • Resolution: 4K display in each eye
  • Custom micro-OLED display system: Featuring over 23 million pixels, that supports brilliant resolution and colours.
  • Spatial Audio: Audio ray tracing analyses the space around you and the acoustic properties to match the sound to the space..
  • Precise eye tracking: Detailed eye-tracking system through LEDs and infrared cameras that means you don’t need controllers as you can select elements by looking at them.
  • Immersive UI with Apple Apps: Unlike any other MR headset, the Vision Pro shows you your home view with the digital one layered over it. In Apple’s words, it will allow apps to be “freed from the confines of a display”.
  • Sensors: Unlike the Quest 3 which will use controllers with haptic feedback, the Apple mixed reality headset is will use 3D sensors powered by the R1 chip to detect the user and the environment around them. These sensors can be used for voice control using Siri.
  • Software: The Vision Pro will use the new visionOS software.

Apple Vision Pro Price

The Apple Vision Pro will cost $3,499 on the fast approaching launch date. It’s not cheap but if it’s as promised, the headset will provide an impressive and unique experience. Whether that’s worth $3.4k, time will tell. It’s clearly a more premium device compared to the Quest 3, and its inaccessible price confirms this.

That’s not to say a more accessible VR headset couldn’t come in the future though. In fact, according to the Independent, Apple could also be working on a separate headset that would be released later for a lower price. This is unconfirmed though.

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