Google Pixel 6 alternatives – Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus picks

Google Pixel 6 alternatives – Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus picks
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With the Google Pixel 7 Pro being released, we consider some of the best Google Pixel 6 alternatives.

The Google Pixel 6 was released in October 2021 as a reasonably priced flagship smartphone. Less than two years on, it’s worth knowing what else is out there.

The Pixel 6 stands out as one of the most well-rounded smartphones on the market. It delivers superfast 5G speeds and boasts a 50 megapixel camera, 8GB of RAM, and a 4,614 mAh battery. It came out pretty well when we compared the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 6a too, though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be interested to see what else is out there!

Indeed, there are other smartphones on the market which offer a sweeter deal when it comes to price, performance or, simple design.

We’ve selected five worthy alternatives to the Google Pixel 6, so you can make an informed decision with your next purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Best overall alternative for Google Pixel 6 - Samsung Galaxy S22
Brand: Samsung | Screen: 6.1” | Display: AMOLED | 1080 x 2240 | Chipset: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 | Refresh Rate: 120hz | Touch Sampling Rate: 240Hz | Storage: 128GB, 256GB | Weight: 168g | Memory: 8GB  | Battery: 3700mAh
Price Check: Samsung Galaxy S22 via Samsung

One of the best flagship smartphones on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S22 manages to wow the crowd with its wide range of features, making it one of the best alternatives for the Google Pixel 6. 

Eye-pleasing AMOLED display with a 120Hz refresh rate, 8 gigs of RAM, a classy camera, and tons of excellent features, the Samsung Galaxy S22 makes it to the list of A-tier mobile phones on the market. 

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Compared to Google Pixel 6, the all-new Galaxy S22 manages to offer a better 4K display, and streaming your favourite videos on this device is really a pleasant experience for the eyes. Moreover, Galaxy S22 more than makes up for its lack of battery capacity with its compatibility with fast-charging, supporting chargers up to 25W with a USB C 3.2 cable.

Another prominent aspect of Galaxy S22 is that it weighs around 168g only, making it one of the lightest phones on the market. Compared to Pixel 6, which is around 208g, Galaxy S22 is 40g lighter. 

In case you’re ditching the Google Pixel 6 for an upgraded model with a lighter weight, flawless display, advanced technology, and decent battery timing, look no further as Galaxy S22 is the ideal choice.

However, the phone is a bit costly and you might want to consider another budget-oriented choice if you aren’t mentally prepared to drop a decent sum for a mobile phone. 

That being said, the S22 has recently dropped in price thanks to the recent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

Apple iPhone 14

Best Premium Alternative for Google Pixel 6 - iPhone 14
Brand: Apple | Screen: 6.1” | Display: XDR OLED 1170x2532p | Chipset: Apple A15 Bionic | Touch Sampling Rate: 120hz (Adaptive) | Storage: 128GB | Weight: 172g | Memory: 6GB | Battery: 3300mAh
Price Check: iPhone 14 via Best Buy

Switching from Android to Apple can often be a tedious process, but, if you’re considering something special as your daily driver, Apple’s iPhone 14 is one of the best choices on the market.

With all of Apple’s latest features, a better interface, and an improved version of its predecessor, the iPhone 14 is one of the most popular devices on the market. 

Featuring an OLED display, iPhone 14 offers a 1080p display on a screen that’s 6.1” in size, the same as the Google Pixel 6. The performance of the phone is top-tier and although iPhones are generally not designed for high-end gaming, the iPhone 14 can hold its end of the bargain in most competitive gaming due to its Hexa-core processor. 

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The screen-to-bezel ratio on the iPhone 14 is also ideal and the improved twin-setup camera makes sure that you click the most perfect pictures. On paper, Google Pixel 6 features a 50MP camera while iPhone 14 rocks a 12MP camera.

However, there’s a great deal of difference between the image quality. The iPhone 14 manages to capture the most detailed images and also offers better image optimization options. 

In general, a pretty decent device, particularly if you’re thinking of leaving Android for Apple.

Google Pixel 7

alternatives to google pixel 6 - Google Pixel 7
Brand: Google | Screen: 6.3” | Display: OLED | Resolution: 1080 x 2400 | Chipset: Google Tensor G2 | Refresh Rate: 90Hz | Storage: 128GB, 256GB | RAM: 8GB| Weight: 198g | Battery: 4355mAh
Price Check: Goole Pixel 7 via Amazon

In love with the Pixel interface and don’t want to make any drastic changes? Get your hands on the Google Pixel 7, an improved version of its predecessor with better performance, longer battery timings, and overall aesthetics.

And considering the price, Google Pixel 7 offers the best bang for the buck, making it the best value-for-money alternative for Google Pixel 6. 

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The all-new Google Pixel 7 comes with a 6.3” screen that features an AMOLED display with 90Hz and 96.7cm2 screen-to-body ratio, making it almost seem like a bezel-less smartphone. Equipped with an Octa-core processor and 4355mAh battery, Google Pixel 7 offers decent frame rates on some of the most graphically-demanding games.

Moving onto the camera, Google Pixel 7 features a 50MP camera, the same as the Google Pixel 6. However, the newer version of the phone uses ultra-wide lenses to capture jaw-dropping images. 

In short, Google Pixel 7 offers solid performance, futuristic aesthetics, and most importantly, a battery that can last for a seriously long time, making it the perfect upgrade from Google Pixel 6.

OnePlus Nord 20

Google Pixel 6 alternatives - OnePlus Nord 20
Brand: OnePlus| Screen: 6.4” | Display: AMOLED 1080x2400p | Chipset: Snapdragon 695 5G | Refresh Rate: 120hz | Storage: 128GB | Weight: 173g | Memory: 6GB | Battery: 4500mAh
Price Check: OnePlus Nord 20 via Amazon

Want to enjoy 5G connectivity, flawless display, above-par performance, and a very long-lasting battery life without spending a great chunk? OnePlus Nord 20 is the one for you.

The vast features of the phone coupled with its reputation for putting up solid performance make it the cheapest and the best budget-friendly alternative smartphone for Google Pixel 6.

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Featuring a 1080p AMOLED display on a 6.4” screen, OnePlus Nord 20 offers stunning aesthetics and since it is powered by Snapdragon 695 5G, an Octa-core processor, it can perform quite well in demanding tasks.

On top, the OnePlus Nord 20 comes with a 5000mAh battery, giving you enough juice to last the whole day without having to worry about recharging.

The dual-camera design might be a bit odd for some, however, the quality of the camera is pretty good. While it cannot compete with the image quality of the likes of iPhone 14 or Galaxy S22, it can get the job done. 

Lastly, in this price bracket, it’s almost impossible to find a device as good as OnePlus Nord 20. While it may have its flaws, the overall experience of the phone is satisfactory. 

Samsung Galaxy A53

Google Pixel 6 alternatives - Samsung Galaxy A53
Brand: Samsung | Screen: 6.1” | Display: Dynamic AMOLED 1080x2340p | Chipset: Exynos 2200 | Refresh Rate: 120hz | Storage: 128GB | Weight: 167g | Memory: 8GB | Battery: 3700mAh
Price Check: Samsung A53 via Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy A53 is one of the finest choices on the market if you want to experience the finest 5G experience without compromising on some of the latest features in the industry.

Samsung Galaxy A53 is one of the most successful Android phones from the previous year and there’s more than a handful of reasons for it. 

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Extremely solid build quality coupled with an Octa-core processor allows Galaxy A53 to blow the roof when it comes to offering peak performance. The flawless Super AMOLED display further adds to the greatness of the phone and the 5000mAh battery makes sure that you’re always online. 

Much like Google Pixel 6, the Samsung Galaxy A53 also features a 6.5” display and weighs only around 190g. If you’re aiming for a phone with a better interface, superior performance, and excellent reception, consider getting your hands on Samsung Galaxy A53. 

Frequently asked questions

Is the Google Pixel 7 worth it?

The Google Pixel 7, like the Pixel 6 seriously delivers value by undercutting many phones that match its performance and camera ability.

How long will Google Pixel 6 be supported?

Pixel 6 will receive Google updates for at least five years from when the device first became available. These include security and software updates.