RTX 4080 Super release date, specs, price, and everything else we know

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Nvidia has recently announced the RTX 4080 Super which is slated to bring a wealth of hardware improvements and a lower MSRP which could position it as one of the best graphics cards in the Ada line-up. We’re bringing you everything you need to know about the upcoming high-end GPU from the RTX 4080 Super’s release date, specs, and price.

As well as arming you with all the information you need to know about this latest model, we’re also showing you where to buy RTX 4080 Super graphics cards in territories such as the US and the UK. You won’t be waiting long either, as it’s coming by the end of the month. Let’s get into the details.

RTX 4080 Super release date

As announced in Nvidia’s Special Address at CES 2024, the RTX 4080 Super will be released today, on January 31. It’s the last of the RTX 40 Super series to hit the shelves trailing behind the RTX 4070 Super and RTX 4070 Ti Super which will launch on January 24 and January 17 respectively. Still, that’s less a month’s time before the new leading gaming Ada model could be in your hands.

RTX 4080 Super price

The RTX 4080 will carry a starting MSRP of $999 according to Nvidia. This is a full $200 cheaper than the recommended retail price of the RTX 4080 when it debuted around a year and a half ago. This is a smart move on Team Green’s part as it helps to walk back one of the more maligned decisions with the original 80-class GPU from the RTX 40 series, making it considerably cheaper, but also better, too.

For context, that positions the RTX 4080 Super at the same starting price point as the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX which is, arguably, the lane that the original RTX 4080 model should have stayed in. Regardless, paying less for more is always a good thing especially with bleeding edge computing hardware, and it will be up to Nvidia’s partners to maintain this more aggressive price point.

RTX 4080 Super specs

Little has appeared to improve in terms of the RTX 4080 Super’s specs when compared to the base model. Nvidia has made the price point the USP of this card as the amount of VRAM stays identical to the 2022 iteration – 16GB GDDR6X. On the technical front, there’s a bump up to 23Gbps bandwidth, dubbed the “world’s fastest memory” with core cores, too. A total of 52 Shader TFLOPS, 121 RT FLOPS, and 836 AI TOPS. This is unlikely to result in a dramatically faster card for gaming in 1440p or 4K but there is noticeably a minor improvement (around 2-3%) when stacked up against the RTX 4080.

Is the RTX 4080 Super high-end?

Yes, the RTX 4080 Super is an incredibly powerful graphics card for high refresh rate 1440p and leading 4K performance. Armed with 16GB GDDR6X memory and 23Gbps bandwidth for under $1,000, it’s a true powerhouse.

We’ve compared the RTX 4080 Super with the RX 7900 XTX, both extremely close in performance level. Alongside that, we’ve also considered the best CPU for the RTX 4080 Super so that you can achieve maximum performance upon its release.

How much will the RTX 4080 Super cost?

The RTX 4080 Super will cost $999 for the Founders Edition model and will serve as a starting point for Nvidia’s partners such as MSI and ASUS to follow. That’s $200 cheaper than the base RTX 4080.

Image Credit: Nvidia

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