Steam Deck vs Razer Edge – which one should you go for?

Steam Deck vs Razer Edge – which one should you go for?
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We’re going to break down the Steam Deck vs Razer Edge to see which portable gaming device is right for you.

The Razer Edge came out at the start of 2023 and offers some serious competition to the dominance of the Steam Deck. It features the brand new and cutting-edge Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 CPU which is specifically geared for gaming. It also has a crisp and smooth display, perfect for the serious gamer.

The Steam Deck, meanwhile, has established itself as one of the best handheld gaming devices on the market right now, giving even the Nintendo Switch a run for its money. This is thanks to its sturdy design and responsive controls, coupled with great compatibility and gaming prowess.

So which one should you go for? We’ve broken our comparison down, with detailed descriptions of both products in the key categories of specs, features and design. This should give you a complete overview, allowing you to make an informed decision as to which one is right for you.

So, can the Razer Edge edge ahead or will the competition steam past it? Let’s get into it.

Steam Deck vs Razer Edge – Specs

SpecsSteam DeckRazer Edge
Display size7 inches6.8 inches
Resolution1280 x 800p2400 x 1080p
Refresh rate60Hz144Hz
Operating systemSteam OS 3.0Android
Storage64GB, 256GB, 512GB128 GB
CPUAMD APU Zen 2Snapdragon G3x Gen 1

From the outside, these two devices look quite similar, both with displays of around 7 inches. However, on the inside, there are some key differences. That said in this category neither comes out as a clear winner.

In terms of display, the Razer edge is on top. It features a higher resolution display with a faster refresh rate, far faster in fact. This makes way for higher frame rates, and a smoother, more immersive gaming experience. This immersion is only increased with the superior resolution, allowing for crisp details to shine.

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However, the Steam Deck is the more powerful device, with 16GB of RAM and a powerful Cen 2 AMD APU CPU. While the two CPUs are actually similar in performance, the higher memory count of the Steam Deck makes it the more potent gaming device.

As for the battery, it wildly varies on both depending on how intensive the game you are playing is. Though for both devices don’t bank on being able to play for hours and hours without a socket nearby.

Steam Deck vs Razer Edge – Features

The most important feature of any portable gaming device is which game marketplaces it is compatible with.

On the Steam Deck, you have access to the Steam store, Epic Games Store, and Ubisoft Connect. There are a few other smaller stores that will work too. One of the best features is the Steam Decks compatibility with Xbox Cloud Gaming, which allows you to stream games direct from the console.

You can access all the same stores on the Razer Edge, while also getting access to the Google Play Store too. This is thanks to the Edge running on an Android OS.

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Both devices come with touch controls and support for MicroSD cards. This means the storage is massively expandable which is vital if you have a large game collection you want to make use of on your portable device.

One thing the Steam Deck has that the Razer Edge lacks is a dock accessory which allows you to play on your TV or monitor. This is something that is really sorely lacking on the Razer Edge, though it won’t affect you if you only intend to use your device on the go. It should be noted too that the Steam Deck dock is an optional extra that you have to pay for.

Steam Deck vs Razer Edge – Design

Unlike the Razer Edge and Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck’s controls are built into the console. These controls are sturdy and responsive, whilst some users have complained of a more flimsy feel for the Razer Edge.

However, the Edge does give you more freedom. This is because it is essentially an android tablet that comes with a Razer Kishi controller included that you attach for gaming. This means you can disconnect the controller and use the Edge as a tablet, as well as connect the controller to any other USB-C device you want.

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As a result, you could also simply buy the controller and connect it to your current device, however, the Snapdragon CPU that features in the Edge is right at the cutting edge of mobile gaming.

One thing that is really great to see with the Steam Deck is that it is repairable at home, with parts able to be purchased online. This is exceedingly rare in the gaming world, for example, if you break your PSVR 2 cable you’re going to have to fork out for a whole new headset. 

Which one should you go for?

These are two powerful portable gaming devices that are almost neck and neck in terms of specs, though each with its own strengths.

The Razer Edge has a superior display, but its controls are less sturdy and responsive. It also has access to more gaming stores. If you want to use your device to play anything that is exclusively on the Google Play Store, the Razer Edge is the one for you.

The Steam Deck is perhaps the superior overall device, and it has also been out for far longer so is a safer bet. This is thanks to its sturdy and comfortable overall feel, as well as the ability to hook it up to your TV if you purchase the dock.

One thing we have not mentioned yet is the price. This is because they are pretty similar across the two consoles, though the Steam Deck gets more expensive with the larger storage capacities.

You can buy either device from the links below.

Valve Steam Deck

Display size



1280 X 800

Refresh rate



64GB, 256GB, 512GB



Check price: Razer Edge at the Razer Store

Frequently asked questions

Can you play Steam games on Razer Edge?

Yes, you can stream steam games to your Razer Edge using Steam Link.

Can you play Xbox games on Razer Edge?

Yes, similarly to Steam games, you can stream Xbox games to your Razer Edge using Xbox Cloud Gaming. this means your full library of Xbox games will be available on your Razer edge, provided the games themselves are compatible.