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Alienware AW2524H release date – when is it out?

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The selection of monitors announced at CES 2023 is only made better with the inclusion of this one, so now we’re going to be discussing the Alienware AW2524H release date.

The Alienware AW2524H is set to be the world’s first 500Hz gaming monitor, with the max refresh rate possible through overclocking. The native refresh rate is 480Hz – which is still blindingly impressive and trumps all of the best 240Hz monitors that we’ve previously had a look at.

The display has an IPS panel and a 0.5ms response time, and is contained to a FHD resolution making it one of the most gorgeous 1080p displays you’ll ever likely set your eyes on. The display is 24.5-inches, and will certainly be a fan favourite of those depending on the fastest displays for competitive gaming.

Unlike many at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show, including Samsung’s reveal of the Odyssey OLED G9, Alienware have opted to instead reveal their release date for the AW2524H via a press kit published on PR Newswire by Dell.

Alienware AW2524H release date confirmed

The Alienware AW2524H has now released in China on February 8th, and is set to release in North America on March 21st, as stated within the press release.

This release date is confirmed by Dell and Alienware, and so we can trust this release date as confirmed.

While the Alienware AW2524H will be the fastest monitor when it eventually releases, that position was initially held by the ASUS ROG Swift Pro PG248QP 540Hz. However, it seems as though that Alienware will now beat ASUS to the punch.

It looks as though competitive gamers will have to make some hard decisions once they’re both launched – as the AW2524H and the PG248QP look as though they’re going to be going head-to-head for the position as the best monitor for competitive gaming in games such as Fortnite and Valorant.

Based on what we’ve seen from Alienware and Dell, we’re expecting a Q2 release date (March 21st) for the Alienware AW2524H in the US. This is information confirmed by Alienware – and we’re certainly looking forward to the product’s eventual release.

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In the weeks leading up to the product’s release we’d suggest that you listen out for any relevant news including the price and specs as there might be more announcements yet to come.

We’ll also be keeping a keen eye out – so you can be sure to stop by for more reliable updates on the Alienware AW2524H.