Is Street Fighter 6 crossplay?

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With its release imminent, you might be wondering: is Street Fighter 6 crossplay?

The latest addition to the hugely popular combat series is set to come out with a host of new features, characters and game modes. However, it’s the returning online combat mode that many players will be most excited to get their teeth stuck into.

Right from the start of the Street Fighter franchise playing versus your friends has been one of the central appeals and, in the modern gaming landscape, crossplay is a vital part of this. It’s not uncommon for gamers to own multiple systems too. With the game set to release on PlayStation Xbox and PC, the exact edition you buy could be affected by whether you can play with friends on different platforms.

Is Street Fighter 6 crossplay?

Street Fighter 6 is fully crossplay. This means you can play across systems with ease. The full range of platforms the game will be available on come release day is PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Not only can a PlayStation 5 user join a competitive match with an Xbox Series X gamer, but the combat game is cross-generation too, so someone on PS4 can join the fray.

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This is essentially a win for everyone. It means you don’t have to choose which edition of the game you buy based on what your friends get or worry that you’ll have to upgrade your console in order to kick the living daylights out of your PC gaming companion.

It’s not just useful for fighting friends either. By pooling players from all platforms, waiting times should be kept lower across the board, as it will be a greater number of players searching for a new match.

Frequently asked questions

Is Street Fighter 6 crossplay on PS4?

Yes, Street Fighter 6’s crossplay extends to PS4. This means that PlayStation 4 gamers can play with all other gaming systems compatible with Street Fighter 6.

Does Street Fighter 5 have crossplay?

Yes, Street Fighter 5 does have crossplay but as a PS4 and PC exclusive you are still limited to who you can play with.

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