How big is Jedi Survivor?

How big is Jedi Survivor?
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The new Star Wars game looks set to be among the biggest we have ever seen. So, how big is Jedi Survivor?

This information is clearly vital for anyone looking to download the whole game. However, some recent news seems to suggest that even those buying the physical copy of the game will be affected by its answer.

A Facebook post from Might Ape Games NZ gave us our first peak at the front of the physical editions of Jedi Survivors. Eagle eyes gamers spotted, in small text on the front of the PS5 edition, a disclaimer that read ‘download required’. The same section of the Xbox Series X box is obscured, but it is likely that it would be the same for both consoles.

This is unconfirmed and so speculation. If it is true, however, it means Jedi Survivor physical copies will reportedly still require a download. For gamers with a slow or expensive internet connection, this could come as a frustrating bit of news.

However, this file size would very likely be significantly smaller than the storage needed to download the full game. Let’s get into how much space the full game takes up.

How big is Jedi Survivor?

The short answer is 155GB. We got the news when Star Wars Jedi: Survivor System Requirements were confirmed by EA. That is how much storage you will need to free up if you want to download the full game, be it on PC, Xbox Series X or PS5. Everyone expected the game to be big, but many were surprised at just how big it ended up being.

This file size perhaps goes some way to explain why Jedi Survivor is not on PS4, as well as how graphically demanding the game will be. In fact, 155GB is so large that it exceeds the maximum storage that a Blu-ray disk for PS5 can hold which explains why users are still required to download extra content if they do purchase a disk.

The large file size also tells us that Denuvo, or similar DRM protection, might feature in-game.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the storage capacity of a PS5 game disk?

A PS5 game disk can hold up to 100GB of data. This means that if the game requires more storage than that, you will need to download some content, even if you purchase a physical copy of the game.