Jedi Survivor confirmed to have Denuvo and DRM

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The launch is not far away at all now, and many people are wondering if Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has Denuvo DRM protection.

Denuvo is a type of security protection for games that acts as anti-piracy and anti-cheat. It prevents core game files from being tampered with, while also stopping people from cracking the game. For this reason, many gamers are keen to know if the game will feature it.

Jedi Survivor confirmed to have Denuvo

Now that the pre-load for Jedi Survivor is here, we can confirm that it does indeed contain Denuvo. After using HEX Editors to view the executable, it’s been observed to have a 319MB file-size. From this, we can determine the presence of Denuvo.

The performance of the game has been hounded recently, and many think that Denuvo’s presence is at the heart of this. The upcoming Day One Patch will likely solve these performance issues, though Denuvo will still remain.

We’ve recently been seeing news surrounding how big Jedi Survivor is, and this is directly linked to the external downloads required from physical copies of the game. With the pre-load having begun, we’re going to be seeing the exact size of the game’s executables. Usually, DRM protection, and Denuvo specifically, increases the file-size of a game executable dramatically. From this, we’re going to be able to see for certain what DRM protection the game has.

Alongside that, Jedi Survivor’s DRM protection is going to require online verification to launch the game. This means that anybody without internet connection launching a physical copy of the game is going to be flagged for having an inauthentic copy. This is a huge issue, and with the rise of always online games, DRM finds itself at the center.

Jedi Survivor has got DRM protection, confirmed

Likewise, the Steam Page displays a message stating that the game “Incorporates 3rd-party DRM.” We don’t know for certain if this is going to be Denuvo, however we know that some version of DRM is there. We also know that the game is being published by EA, and that the Star Wars IP, like Hogwarts, is so huge that there’s no doubt that they’ll want to protect it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Denuvo a problem for gamers?

Denuvo is anti-cheat and anti-piracy software, however, it’s also considered bloatware as it often causes issues with connectivity and verification.

Did Jedi Fallen Order have Denuvo?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order had an older version of Denuvo, which suggests that Jedi Survivor will feature it too.

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