Best GPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2 (2024) – top picks for gaming

Best GPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2 (2024) – top picks for gaming
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With the best GPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2, you’ll be able to make the most of the game’s beautiful graphics.

In the decade-plus since the first instalment of this open-world RPG, there has been a tonne of technological developments in the world of gaming. This is reflected in the Dragon’s Dogma 2 graphics settings, though these are only available on the PC version of the upcoming game. If you want to really make the most of these settings and the generally impressive graphics, you’ll want to exceed the Dragon’s Dogma 2 system requirements, ideally by some margin.

That’s where we come in. We’ve hand-picked a series of graphics cards that will put you in the best position to run the game smoothly when it comes out. There is not one singular card that is best for everyone. To reflect this, we’ve got a series of options, each one geared to a specific set of needs. This means that there should be something here for everyone.

Best GPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2

This is a graphically demanding game, so all the cards here are powerful. Fear not though, we have also selected a more budget-friendly option that is still up to the task. It was confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma 2 has ray tracing. This feature adds an extra layer of beauty to the gameplay, but also an extra tonne of required computing power. Making use of this feature is no small feat, so we’ve included some of the best GPUs for ray tracing too. Let’s get into it.

1. RTX 4080 Super – Best overall GPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2

ASUS ROG Strix RTX 4080 Super OC

Asus ROG Strix RTX 2080 Ti and GTX 1080Ti.

Base Clock

2.024 gigahertz

Boost Clock

2.505 gigahertz





  • Leading gaming performance
  • DLSS 3
  • Better performance than regular RTX 4080
  • Still pricey

The RTX 4080 Super is a hugely powerful graphics card. It launched earlier this year as a ‘refreshed’ version of 2022’s RTX 4080. It both outperformed and undercut its predecessor making it a popular choice for many. The RTX 4080 Super will be able to handle Dragon’s Dogma 2 all the way up to 4K. Simply put, it is one of the best graphics cards on the market right now. This does of course come with a significant price tag but one that does reflect its almost unrivalled gaming prowess.

This specific card from ASUS boasts Axial-tech fans and a vapour chamber complete with a milled heat spreader. These features keep temperatures low, which unlocks improved performance including an overclocked mode with a 2670MHz clock speed. Dragon’s Dogma 2 might be a demanding game, especially if you want high frame rates, but the RTX 4080 Super is certainly up to the task.

2. RX 7600 XT – Best budget GPU for Dragon’s Dogma 2

Gigabyte Radeon RX 7600 XT Gaming OC

Graphics processor

Navi 33

Stream processors




Memory bus width



$329.99 / £329.99

  • Great 1080p performance
  • High VRAM for price point
  • Great value for money
  • 1440p performance could be better

AMD has always been known for making efficient, powerful and affordable graphics cards and the RX 7600 XT is a brilliant example of this. The card is built using the Navi 33 graphics processor and boasts 2,048 Steam Processors and a bumped-up 16Gb VRAM count. If this all sounds like gobbledegook, essentially this translates to a very capable 1080p performance. While its 1440p and 4K performance are lacking, this will not be an issue for most gamers out there. The majority of people game at 1080p. This is because playing at higher resolutions not only requires an expensive GPU but also one of the best CPUs for gaming, as well as a 4K gaming monitor and one of the best HDMI 2.1 cables.

This GPU will let you explore the vast open world of Dragon’s Dogma 2 with a smooth gaming experience and without breaking the bank. If ray tracing is a top priority it will struggle here a little. If you want to ensure you can make use of the lighting technology we suggest having a look at our next pick.

3. RTX 4070 Ti Super – Best GPU for raytracing in Dragon’s Dogma 2

ZOTAC RTX 4070 Ti Super Trinity Black Edition

Zotac RTX 4070 Ti Super



CUDA cores


Memory bus width


GPU processor


Boost clock

2610 MHz

  • 3rd gen ray tracing cores
  • Lovelace architecture
  • Lacking 4K performance

This card excels at ray tracing thanks in large part to its industry-leading internal architecture. Like the whole RTX 40-series, the RTX 4070 Ti Super is built using Lovelace architecture. This means you’ve got 4th generation tensor cores, DLSS 3 and, all importantly, 3rd generation ray tracing cores. In combination, the improvements that Lovelace brought allowed for a ray tracing performance that was up to 4 times stronger that previous cards.

There are more powerful GPUs in the RTX 40-series, which, thanks to their increased power, will have increased ray tracing performance. However, we have opted specifically for the RTX 4070 Ti Super as it strikes a good balance. This card offers high gaming performance and possesses excellent ray tracing abilities but does so without reaching the astronomically high MSRPs of the likes of the RTX 4090.

Will Dragons Dogma 2 be 60 fps?

If you have a powerful enough PC and graphics card you will be able to run Dragons Dogma at 60 FPS, all the way up to 4k. Unfortunately, both console versions of the game are uncapped at 30 FPS.

Will Dragon’s Dogma 2 have DLSS?

Yes – it has been confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma 2 will have DLSS 3 support, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of the frame generation technology.

What engine will Dragon’s Dogma 2 use?

Dragon’s Dogma 2 uses Capcom’s RE Engine, which games might recognise from the likes of Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6 and Devil May Cry V. The RE, or Reach for the Moon Engine has a positive reputation for being a capable and efficient videogame engine. It creates appealing-looking gameplay, that is often capable of being run on older hardware and it seems to be fairly immune to bugs and glitches.