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Night in the Woods Review

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For more detailed thoughts on Night in the Woods check out the feature below

Growing up is hard to do in Night in the Woods

Twenty-year old Mae Borowski is back in Possum Springs after being away in college and while her friends have grown up a bit since she’s left, Mae certainly hasn’t. Colm looks at the way in which Night in the Woods superbly tells its coming of age story in his feature that you can check out here.

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While the main narrative drags a little, wonderfully crafted characters that deal with real-life issues, fill this beautiful Saturday morning cartoon show where the mundanity of life is the backdrop for some wonderful exchanges between Mae and her friends
8 Impeccably realised characters Beautiful artstyle Deals with a variety of themes very well Main story arc loses its way a little

Night in the Woods

on iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Adventure game driven by a metaphoric narrative

Release Date:

28 February 2017