Platformers aren't rare on the App Store, but I've struggled to find one that I really clicked with. That was until I played Cordy, a beautiful 2D sidescroller with 3D visuals and a slight LittleBigPlanet feel.

Previous iPhone platformers I've played have suffered from a lack of precise control, which I've put down to the virtual d-pad they all use. For whatever reason that isn't the case with Cordy, with the on-screen directional buttons giving me exactly the amount of precision I'm after.

While Cordy initially nips about the screen at a pace that's hard to get the hang of, soon enough the little guy feels completely under your control. His movement has noticeable momentum, meaning it's fairly easy to accidentally jump over platforms, but this is something you overcome with practice and build into your play.

Early levels are basic affairs, barely challenging you as they introduce the various game mechanics that will crop up frequently during the following stages (there are 27 in total). A key ability is Cordy's use of a grappling hook, which can attach to certain objects, allowing him to propel himself towards them and swing away.

The grapple also comes into play during the game's many light puzzles. While none of these are taxing in a way similar to what's found in a game like Braid or Limbo, you do have to stop and think now and again and use your platforming skills to overcome obstacles.

The goal in each stage at the most basic level is to collect enough energy cells to power a generator that will open the exit door. This provides enough content to last you 3-4 hours on your first play, and in truth seasoned gamers will breeze through it without much trouble.

For completionists, though, this is only the beginning. Each level has three stars to earn, and simply finishing a level will only reward you with one. For the other two you'll need to collect all the pick-ups and finish the stage under a certain time - something that's not easy at all.

All this platforming goodness is wrapped up in some lovely 3D visuals. While the planet Cordy lives on (which incidentally is situated fairly close to our Earth) is entirely mechanical, the environment still manages to be colourful and strangely organic in nature. The use of 3D while moving across a 2D plain is brilliant, and will bring back memories of PSOne platformer Pandemonium due to the game's shifting camera. Developer SilverTree Media has also managed to include a lovely soundtrack that fits the game's cute appearance.

Cordy is simple enough for beginners yet also packs in a decent challenge for more experienced players. For an iOS game the controls are excellent and no other platformer on the App Store looks this good. For £1.49 Cordy is a must-buy.