You can now pay someone to play Pokemon Go for you

You can now pay someone to play Pokemon Go for you
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Haven’t got enough time to play Pokemon Go? No problem.

You can now pay someone to play the smash hit mobile game for you for up to 2 hours at a time, catching you new Pokemon or levelling up your trainer for a fee.

The service is offered through Bidvine, a company that lets people get in touch with professionals in their local area for assistance with a specific service. After entering your postcode, you’ll be asked for specific details on what you want help with – whether it’s catching new Pokemon, hatching eggs or finding certain Pokemon types, before requesting a quote from Bidvine professionals in the area.

Bidvine expects Pokemon walkers to offer their services for around £15 per hour, but warns that quotes will be unique to each user.

The site also asks users to be cautious when providing other Bidvine users the use of their phone or their Pokemon Go login details – something you’ll need to do to take advantage of the service.

Alternatively, if you’d rather be the one being paid to play Pokemon Go, you can sign up to become a walker here.

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“Pokémon Go has been an incredible success without having even been released here in the UK yet,” said Bidvine CEO Sohrab Janabani. “For more than twenty years gamers have been trying to ‘catch them all’, and with the help of our professional Pokémon Go walkers, players will be able to level up without having to so much as make one step.

“I know there might be a question around the safety of giving your phone to a stranger to walk with, but many of these service professionals are otherwise dog walkers, and as such, are entrusted with the lives and safety of peoples’ pets on a daily basis. In any case, our walkers can also simply use Pokémon Trainer Club credentials.

“Of course, you could say an element of enjoyment is lost in somebody else playing the game for you,” Jananbani continues, “but with the official UK launch soon, gamers will be looking for any advantage they can get and we’re happy to give it to them.”

Pokemon Go launched in the US last week and is estimated to have already generated in excess of $14m.

Source: Bidvine