XDefiant players are unable to play the game as Ubisoft’s COD beater finally goes live

XDefiant players are unable to play the game as Ubisoft’s COD beater finally goes live
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XDefiant has finally gone live, Ubisoft’s brand-new free-to-play competitive shooter that has been called a “Call of Duty beater” by some players. With the game finally launching, thousands of players have flocked to the game to jump in for the first time. Unfortunately, this has already led to major server issues as players are unable to join a lobby and play the game.

On the launch post on the official XDefiant X page, players have taken the replies to report that they are unable to play the game, with them being stuck on a “Searching” screen as the game tries to place them in a lobby.

This is a very common issue with new online games and is almost expected at this point. As the servers become less congested it will likely begin to work. All we can suggest is either wait to finally be placed into a lobby, or come back to the game later. If there are any major developments regarding the servers, we will keep you up to date with the latest information.

XDefiant is available to play now for free on PC via Ubisoft Connect, PS5, and Xbox Series X. The game will launch in pre-season, featuring all of the content available during the recent server test session, which will include five factions, 14 maps, five game modes, and a ranked practice playlist to help prepare players for competitive play.

With XDefiant being a brand new game, it can be difficult to get to grips with and know what weapons to use, what faction to join, and how to play the game. The good news is, we have you covered as you can check out our full coverage on our XDefiant page,