XDefiant is getting two highly-requested modes with one coming in a “couple of weeks”

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XDefiant has been a fantastic multiplayer experience since launch. We are only in preseason right now, so it makes sense as to why there is not an overabundance of modes right away. Fortunately, new content is coming. The executive producer for XDefiant has confirmed the game is getting two highly-requested new modes, and one is set to arrive in just a “couple of weeks”.

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Season 1 of XDefiant is scheduled to start relatively soon, and there is plenty else to be excited about for the game’s first year. Two of the most highly-requested modes from fans are Team Deathmatch along with Search and Destroy, and both of them are officially coming.

Team Deathmatch is coming to XDefiant in a “couple of weeks”

XDefiant executive producer, Mark Rubin, recently conducted an interview with IGN over Summer Game Fest weekend. Taking to Twitter, Rubin told fans who haven’t watched the interview that Ubisoft has “been listening to the amount of people asking for TDM and we will be adding it in a couple of weeks”.

There is no mention of a specific launch day, but, in a literal sense, a couple of weeks means between June 24th to 30th. However, it’s also feasible that it could arrive with Season 1 which is predicted to launch on July 2nd, but this is not official as of writing.

In addition to Team Deathmatch, another mode fans have been clamoring for is Search and Destroy. Responding to replies on Twitter, Rubin confirmed that Search and Destory is coming, but it’s “More complicated to make” and “They are both in progress but TDM finishes first”.

This is really exciting news for fans but there’s plenty else to anticipate. We are set to get nerfs for snipers and bunny hopping, and a leaker claims we are getting Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed-themed seasons in year 1.

As for modes, a leaker claims Season 1 is adding Capture The Flag. Per Ubisoft’s roadmap, there will be four seasons during year 1, and each season is planned to last approximately three months.

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