XDefiant will reportedly add Capture the Flag mode in Season 1, says leaker

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Two weeks into Ubisoft’s launch of XDefiant, it’s fair to say that this latest shooter is still pretty barebones. But, like most new online games, it can only improve as time goes on, and based on a leaker’s claim, it seems players won’t have to wait long before they can devour more XDefiant-related content.

Based on an X (formerly Twitter) post from leaker Rogue | TX, a Capture the Flag mode will reportedly make its way into XDefiant as part of Season 1. As always, though, we’d recommend taking this information with a grain of salt since the developers haven’t confirmed this. However, seasonal updates for live service games often contain plenty of new game modes, maps, and characters, so it wouldn’t be farfetched to assume the same for XDefiant.

Unfortunately, Ubisoft hasn’t specified the XDefiant Season 1 release date, so you’ll have to remain patient until its announcement. Preseasons for live service games typically last around a month, which means the first season could debut towards the end of June or in early August. That said, with the sniper and bunny hop nerf along with the hit reg changes set to arrive next week, the game’s first seasonal update should come sooner rather than later.

Rogue | TX also previously claimed that an Assassin’s Creed faction, along with two maps, will be arriving soon. It is worth noting, though, that this content will allegedly drop as part of Season 3, so it’ll be even farther off than the reported XDefiant Capture the Flag mode. Now, while you wait for more goodies to hit the XDefiant servers, we recommend taking a look at our XDefiant best loadouts and class setups to give you an easier time stacking up kills in-game. You can also take a look at our best P90 SMG loadout in XDefiant if you’re itching to mow down the competition.

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