XDefiant is finally fixing the two most hated issues with the game

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XDefiant is only one month old at this point and so far has been a big hit with players, with many praising it as a solid alternative to games such as Call of Duty. Despite this, it isn’t without its issues and two major ones have been plaguing the game since launch, overpowered snipers and bunny hopping. After receiving a huge amount of backlash from the community, Ubisoft has finally addressed both in the recently released Season 1 update.

valorant to xdefiant sensitivity - a gun is pointed into a room
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In the XDefiant Season 1 patch notes, Ubisoft revealed that both the snipers and bunny hopping have been nerfed, with the snipers adding flinch and aiming penalties now being applied to bunny hopping.

“Revamped how snipers flinch when they’re tagged by enemy fire, increasing the flinch and keeping it going through multiple hits.

Added aiming penalties for players who go to town on the jump/crouch buttons, aka the nuanced tactic of jump spamming, aka the maddening exploit of jump spamming.”

This is great news for players, as many were being turned off by these issues and it was beginning to drive players away from the game. In addition to these much-needed fixes, the XDefiant Season 1 update also brings with it new weapons, modes, maps, factions, and more to keep players entertained for the foreseeable future.

With Black Ops 6 still many months away, now is the perfect time for Ubisoft to establish a strong player base before it faces major competition later this year. If you have yet to dive into XDefiant, the Season 1 update is a great place to start and we highly recommend that you check out our XDefiant beginners tips and tricks guide so you can get off on the right foot and have the greatest chance at victory over your opponents.

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