XDefiant gets another double XP weekend, but fans hope for permanent XP increase instead

XDefiant gets another double XP weekend, but fans hope for permanent XP increase instead
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Following the conclusion of its first-ever double XP weekend, Ubisoft has announced a second consecutive one for XDefiant. The upcoming experience-boosting event will take place over the same period as last time, from May 31 at 10 AM PT until June 3 at 10 AM PT, meaning you’ll have three days to grind out more weapon levels. But even though this is welcome news for most players, some are hoping the developers make the double XP weapon rate the standard instead.

Below Ubisoft’s announcement post on Twitter/X, a handful of players have already asked the developers to make double XP rates the norm. The same can be said for fans on Reddit, as some claim that “the weapon leveling is way too slow” and that two consecutive double XP weekends only serve as “a temporary bandaid” to the ongoing issue. Unfortunately, XDefiant devs have not mentioned a potential weapon XP increase, so it might not be a priority for them in the short term.

Instead, players can look forward to several other improvements arriving over the next few weeks, including fixes to the game’s frustrating hit reg issues and a much-needed sniper nerf. XDefiant executive producer Mark Rubin has been actively engaging with the community on Twitter/X, acknowledging many of the complaints that come the team’s way. So hopefully, it should only be a matter of time until they answer the community’s constant calls for an XP rate increase.

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