XDefiant dev confirms nerf to overpowered snipers is on the way

XDefiant dev confirms nerf to overpowered snipers is on the way
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Like any live service game, Ubisoft’s XDefiant isn’t immune to its fair share of quirks. Some problems that players have often complained about include the game’s frustrating hit reg issues, the constant jump spamming, and the lack of eye-catching skins. This time, fans are begging the development team to nerf a specific weapon because you essentially become untouchable when you use it: sniper rifles.

Fortunately, XDefiant executive producer Mark Rubin has revealed that they will soon introduce a change to how sniper rifles work. However, he did note that the team doesn’t have a specific date yet for when this update will arrive, so players will have to continue putting up with the barrage of sniper fire in matches for now. After all, Rubin promised that the team is already working on fixing the game’s hit reg issues, which means there are already plenty of problems the team needs to address.

It’s also unclear what type of nerf Ubisoft will introduce to snipers. Most want these long-range weapons to be given heavy movement penalties and flinch when they’re fired on first. On the other hand, some hope that the devs don’t nerf the weapon to the ground since making a weapon entirely useless isn’t ideal. Of course, only time will tell what type of solution the devs come up with, but since there have been plenty of complaints on the sniper since launch, you may not have to wait long to find out.

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